Stranger Than Fiction

Corrected entry: It doesn't make sense that Harold Crick nearly got killed by the bus he was supposed to take. If the bus was supposed to stop there, than it was going far too fast to stop in time.

Correction: You will notice throughout the film we also follow, although in not quite as much detail a black lady and a small boy. The whole point of seeing the black lady and the young boy was to follow their paths in line with Harolds. The lady had just started as a driver the day in which she hits Harold and probably had a brief lack in concentration due to her inexperience.


Corrected entry: When Harold encounters Ms.Pascal on the MTA bus, he is so flustered that he exits a good 27 blocks from his stop. He then tries to get back on. Failing that, he proceeds back the way he came, rather than going forward to his stop.

Correction: Actually he's heading to the nearest bus stop to get back on another bus. Since the one he was at just had a bus, it wouldn't get another for some time.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Will Ferrell runs to the payphone in urgency to contact Emma Thompson, she is typing his actions out in narration. There is no mention on her end as to who he is calling, yet if she is the narrator and he is calling her, she should be aware of this (or at least aware of who is calling if not her). The entire scenario revolves around the fact that he is trying to call the author in desperation, yet she is genuinely shocked when she hears her own phone begin to ring.

Correction: Because, to her, it's just a book. She is shocked because she doesn't know that all of this is *really* happening. If you wrote a book about aliens attacking you, you'd be pretty shocked if they then did, right?

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Corrected entry: Near beginning of movie, co-worker asks Harold what 67 times 453 is. Harold couldn't concentrate because of "the voice" and quickly answered 30,351. "The voice" then says, ".despite the answer really being 31,305." Harold then corrects himself with his co-workers, telling them the "real" answer of 31,305. The answer is actually what Harold blurted out in the first place while unable to concentrate - 30,351. (Harold is supposed to be an "expert" at number problems.).

Correction: You said it yourself: Harold couldn't concentrate because of the voice. Not being in his right mind, he only corrected himself because the voice said he was wrong.

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