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Corrected entry: The spies catch the kid's chicken pox, but his father doesn't and he kissed him on the cheek.


Correction: Chicken Pox is only contagious if you've never had it before. This just likely means his dad had it already as a kid, thus is now immune. The spies having it just means they never had it before in the past.

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Corrected entry: One of the traps Alex lays involved the man switching his gun while he was listening to a phone call, but Alex could not have possibly predicted the phone ringing.

Correction: He didn't. Alex simply left various guns lying around in the hope that the criminals would pick one of them up. That he did is just blind luck.

Corrected entry: When Alex goes into the closet he locks it from the inside. A lock, if any, would be on the outside of a closet.

Correction: Not necessarily- unless a keyhole is a Yale style lock, the keyhole on a closet usually goes through the entire door (my porch door is like this, with one of those chunky old-style keys) which would allow him to lock it from inside or out.

Corrected entry: Near the end, when Agent Stocky (the FBI guy) is saying "seven years I've been after this guy" there is a white microphone cord completely visible near his ear.

Correction: It's an earpiece cord, not a microphone cord, and is commonly used with FBI, Secret Service, and other paramilitary organizations. The newest of these earpieces are wireless, but when the movie was made, wires were visible.

Corrected entry: Why did Mr. Beaupre not realize that he had the wrong gun. A plastic dart gun would weigh considerably less than a real gun.

Correction: He was too busy listening to Alex talking to his mother, after that he is hiding in Mrs. Hess's garage and the only time he holds it again is when Alex tells him it's a fake.

Corrected entry: In the scenes with the snowstorm, school is going on. In real life school would be getting out early because of the storm.

Correction: Some schools wait until it gets really bad to let out. Throughout the movie, it doesn't get really bad outside so school continued. My town was hit by a big blizzard and my school didn't let out until it got super bad, however it was too late and most of the students had to spend a couple of nights at the school.

Correction: Unger and Jurnigen landed in a patch of ice that was near the bottom of the pool and beneath the reach of the ladder that leads out of the pool. They probably realized that they couldn't get out.

Also, anyone that has ever fallen through the ice can tell you, it's very difficult to move in freezing water, especially wearing clothes. Also, as the camera is not on them the entire time, we don't know that they didn't try to escape, we just know they didn't.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the three crooks left in the attic chasing Alex, Alice tells them they should go the way he went and jump onto the trampoline, but when it shows the trampoline, you can see that the snow on top of it hasn't been disturbed so Alex obviously didn't jump down.

Correction: Alice didn't notice the laundry elevator chute thing; she assumed he jumped off the roof and on to the trampoline. Since she was in such a hurry to get down to Alex, she didn't notice the snow hadn't been disturbed.

Corrected entry: In the scene, where the woman (one of the spies) is walking her dog, she approaches the front door to the little boy's house and clicks something within her sunglasses and mentions "Turning fiber optics on..." into her mini microphone. We then see video footage of what her sunglasses are looking at. This is not fiber Optics. Fiber optics is a form of transmission medium used in Local Area Networks.

Correction: Fiber optics can be used for lots of things. Try Google'ing fiber optic camera -it brings up lots of "spy cameras".

Corrected entry: Toward the end of the movie, Alex taunts the bad guys from outside and then runs to Mrs. Hess' house. Then after he leaves, Mr. Unger and Jernigan jump into the pool and Alice falls down the dumb waiter shaft. At the end of the movie he informs the FBI agent that there are two guys in the pool and a woman in the basement. How did he know that, since he was at Mrs. Hess' house while the incidents where happening?

Correction: Alex planned for the two men to fall into the pool, and for Alice to fall to the basement via the dumbwaiter. He had it planned, that's how he knew.

Corrected entry: When there are close ups of the controls to Alex's toy car, the two switches only move up and down - how could the car turn if the switches only move backwards and forwards?

Correction: This type of remote contol car has 2 motors one controls the right wheels the othe controls the left wheels. So when both switches on the controler are forward the car goes straight, whe one switch is forward and the other switch is back the car will turn toward the direction of the lever that is down. When both switches are back the car will go backwards.

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Continuity mistake: The pile of clothes that falls onto the remote control car changes between shots. The hamper turns over as well. (00:37:35)


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Alex: Excuse me for being a good citizen.

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Trivia: At one point in time, the movie was going to be made for television and serve as a backdoor pilot for a potential "Home Alone" TV series. But this idea was dropped for a traditional theatrical film. The following movie, "Home Alone 4: Taking Back the House," was written to be a stand-alone movie but was retooled to serve as a backdoor pilot for a potential TV series. (Which of course never happened).


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Question: If they're spies then why are the four shown being booked in regular jail? Why aren't they in a federal prison?


Answer: Because it's just a movie, it's a comedy, and the filmmakers are not concerned with exact, realistic details. They expect the audience to just enjoy the silliness and not be overly concerned about reality. The two other Home Alone films employed similar "suspension of disbelief" in the plots.


Exactly like what happened to the guy that gave them the chip. Wouldn't he be arrested too, but we don't hear anything about what happened to him. I'm assuming since he had a plan to catch he was going somewhere he can't be extradited.

The guy who hired Beaupre and his team was in China the whole time, so he couldn't be extradited to America since China has no extradition treaty with America.

Answer: There are two possible explanations: 1) Because there is far less space available in federal prisons, compared to state and local facilities, federal prisoners and arrestees are often kept in local facilities. 2) Because the federal charges or providing support for terrorism and industrial espionage are harder to prove compared to the state-level charges of breaking and entering, assault and battery, and attempted murder.


It's doubtful the writers had all that in mind when writing a comedy holiday script. The plot simply calls for the spies to be caught and thrown into jail at the end of the story. There is also a difference between prison and jail. Prison is for those convicted of a crime. Jail is a temporary holding place after an arrest is made. With police being involved in the arrest, the spies would initially be booked and held in the local jail. The spies would later be transferred to federal custody to await trial.


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