The Greatest Game Ever Played

Factual error: In an early scene, a character suggests that a man might be awarded an OBE honor if he wins the 1913 US Open. The OBE wasn't established until 1917.

Continuity mistake: When Francis and Eddie are on the spectators' shoulders, Eddie is behind Francis and removes his hat. The next shot Eddie is next to Francis and has his hat on. (01:50:35)

Continuity mistake: In the scenes where it is just Francis vs Vardon, there is a series of shots by each of them. In one of them Francis is hitting lefty. Since that would require an additional set of clubs, it is not possible. (02:00:00)


Eddie Lowery: Hey Francis, I had a dream last night that you shot a 72.
Francis Ouimet: Yeah, it won't be easy in a northeaster.
Eddie Lowery: Come on. You played the course like a one-legged dog how many times.
Francis Ouimet: You're right. Good day for 72.
Eddie Lowery: Okey-dokey, time to smokey.

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