Corrected entry: During the beer pong game with USA and Germany, it is said that Todd never competed in any of the games, but during a beer pong game with England, there is Todd playing with his brother.

Correction: They are referring to the fact that Todd didn't compete in any of the games against Germany. Each competitor has to participate in at least one game against each different team they face.

Corrected entry: In the beginning after the guy's quarter bounces into the vase, the quarter is floating on top of the foam, but quarters are too heavy to float on foam.

Correction: The quarter may just sink slowly (i.e. appear to float) if the foam is quite thick.

Andy Benham Premium member

Corrected entry: When the big German guy punches the Pin Ball machine; after the glass breaks the silver Pin ball is laying right where he punched it. The ball cannot be in the middle of the machine if no one was playing it.

Correction: Pinballs can be stuck in all kinds of places on the machine from a previous game. Often there are stuck bumpers, stuck targets, actual dents in the wood from the ball flying around, and all kinds of other obstacles that could make the ball stick somewhere on the machine, including the middle.

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