Continuity mistake: In the beginning when the guy pours the beer in the vase, the foam is filling half the cup but when the scene changes it is about an inch on the top of the glass. The camera cut for only one second, which is not enough time for the foam to rise.

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Continuity mistake: When Fink is explaining the difficulty of the boot on the chalk board, he draws one circle on the toe of the drawing, it then changes to two after he throws Bo Bo and says "Sorry" and changes back to one circle again. You can tell that they are two different drawings altogether.

Continuity mistake: When Landfill tries to drink his way out of the tank, he drinks a lot of the beer to make the top fall, when the other guy comes in and finds him dead the top of the beer ends higher.

Continuity mistake: The beer that the guys make from the stolen recipe is a reddish-brown color. When the Wolfhouse brothers begin to bottle and sell the beer, the beer is in light green bottles. The beer inside the bottle is not reddish-brown, or else the bottles would have looked darker when full. The unopened bottles look like there's a light-colored beer inside of them.

Revealing mistake: When Landfill's wake is knocked over and his body falls on the guy, his eyes are open for a second or two before the scene ends.

Revealing mistake: When the American and German teams are playing a drinking game involving putting coins into glasses while downing pints, the camera switches to an angel at the end of the table. If you look at the front two people's hands, they are going past the pint glasses, and the coins are disappearing, yet the pints are still filling up with coins.

Continuity mistake: When Jan wants to go double or nothing towards the end, just before he says "We're not that drunk" watch Todd in the back. His arms are crossed, but when the scene cuts they are down and he is closer to Jan.

Continuity mistake: When the real Von Wolfhoussen dumps the ashes on the two guys he got some on his clothes, but when the scene changes his clothes are clean.

Other mistake: In the beginning of the movie, when Jan and Todd watch Ireland go against Germany, the scoreboard reads 2-2 for the "Boot Line Chug," implying a best-of-five bracket. However, when the Americans compete, it is merely the "Line Chug" sudden death in a best of seven event.

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Suggested correction: The rules simply changed in the year between the 2 beerfests. The MLB World Series used to be best of 5 but was changed to best of 7 in 1985.

Visible crew/equipment: When everyone gets together in the beer training place and the guy says "Lets drink some beer" watch his face and you will see the shadow of something that looks like a camera. (Don't get it confused with one of the guys arms or mugs, if you look where the shadows come from you will see).

Other mistake: Near the end of the film when they have the 5 boot drink off, at times the boots is at such an angle that normally beer would spill out, if any was actually in it. Plus every time they put down the boot the areas around their mouths are dry, which should have been soaking wet.

Deliberate mistake: When the brother enters the basement for the first time, the Canadian team is not dealing Canadian dollars, but Australian dollars.

Continuity mistake: After the Americans run out of the tunnel at the second Beerfest, they are followed by the Australians but you can see the Americans again behind them getting ready to come out of the tunnel in the back.

Continuity mistake: In the scene towards the end of the movie where the Americans are preparing to face the Germans in the all boot double or nothing challenge, when they are shot from the side there are 10 boots on the table. In the next shot when we see the American team face on, only the Americans' 5 boots are still on the table. Then when they go back to the side view in the next shot all 10 boots are back on the table.


Revealing mistake: During the fight between Cherry and Landfill, you can see several times that it is not Cherry, but a stunt double. The stunt double is much thinner and has much lighter skin. It is best seen when she is on the ground and Landfill is kicking her in the stomach.


Barry Badrinath: I wish it were winter so we could freeze it into ice blocks and skate on it and melt it in the spring time and drink it.

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Question: In the end Fink finally figures out the trick to the boot. How come the Germans don't use this trick, but drink the boot straightforward instead of spinning it like the Americans do?

Answer: Overconfidence. The Germans are convinced that they'll never master Das Boot, so they're too busy watching for the Americans to fail to concentrate on their own boot.

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