Passion Fish

Passion Fish (1992)


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May-Alice Culhane: This visit is just something my business manager cooked up with the insurance company.
Louise: Am I going to meet this guy, this business manager?
May-Alice Culhane: I'm out of business.

Drushka: You eat now.
May-Alice Culhane: What exactly is that?
Drushka: Kascha. Big fiber. It's good for stool.
May-Alice Culhane: Yes. It looks like it has something to do with that.

Rennie: No matter where you at, there you is.

Nina: (discussing a line of dialogue she gave in an earlier movie) I didn't ask for the anal probe.

Nina: I didn't ask for the anal probe.

May-Alice Culhane: I am not ready for this. When I get stronger I will quit drinking.
Chantelle: If you keep drinking you won't get any stronger.

Chantelle: Are you going to do something to get stronger?
May-Alice Culhane: Why would I want to do that?
Chantelle: Because the next one may not be so nice as me.
May-Alice Culhane: Right. And you're Florence fuckin' Nightingale.

Factual error: When Chantel and Rhonda are discussing their high schools, Chantel says she is a doctor's daughter and grew up in the Pill Hill neighborhood but went to Du Sable. Du Sable isn't anywhere near the Pill Hill neighborhood, and even if it were, there's no way a doctor's daughter would have attended a high school that has for a long time been considered one of the poorest, most dangerous, and least academically well-performing in the city.

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