Corrected entry: When Hercules punches that blue horse guy that's holding Meg, at least 5 horseshoes fly after him, but only 4 come back down.

Correction: If you watch it in slow motion (or just watch carefully) you'll see that only 4 horseshoes fly up.

Corrected entry: When Hercules first visits the Temple of Zeus, he is carrying a pack. When he leaves the temple, he is no longer carrying it, and it's nowhere to be seen.

Correction: Hercules has just discovered that he's the son of a god, so I doubt he'd care about his backpack.

Corrected entry: If they are in Greece B.C., why are they singing about the "Gospel truth"?

Correction: They're just modern muses singing about old times.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the young Hercules is toppling the pillars, the direction of the domino-effect changes from shot to shot. In one shot they are going outward from the center. In the next they are going from the outside in.

Correction: Actually, when Hercules grabs the pillar to stop it from toppling, he hits two pillars with it. They both fall in opposite directions and, as the courtyard is circular, the domino effect runs in a circle, eventually falling on the pot guy.

Corrected entry: When the Titans are marching off to Mt. Olympus, you can tell the tornado one is the last one in line. Moments later, the cyclops appears behind him.

Correction: Yes, you see the tornado last, but you also can't see anything past the tornado, and the Cyclops isn't anywhere in the shot. So the Cyclops was simply off-camera.

JC Fernandez

There is a very wide shot and looking behind the tornado, the Cyclops can not be seen, and the bottom of it is very thin; it's not until there's a close-up shot of all the Titans that you can't see behind it anymore.

Corrected entry: That river of souls thing was made up entirely for this movie. There were five rivers in Hades but the dead were either in Tartarus or the Elysian Fields or the Asphodel Fields depending on if they were good or bad or if they had been judged yet. (There is one more area, the Isles of the Blessed, where the really good guys go who have been reincarnated three times...and of course the Plain of Judgement where they were judged).

Correction: Perhaps this is trivia, but it's not a mistake. The movie is not supposed to be a filmed version of the exact myths, it's supposed to be based on myths but mostly new material.

Corrected entry: When Hephaestus is shown making lightning bolts for Zeus, he is standing straight and tall. According to Greek mythology, though, Hephaestus was a cripple.

Correction: By site policy, differences between a film and its source material are generally not considered valid mistakes.

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Corrected entry: Hera isn't actually Hercules's mother; his mother is a mortal woman. She hated him, and on many occasions tried to kill him.

Correction: And you think they'd just add that fact into a kids movie? A mother-hating-child relationship isn't exactly something you'd want your children talking about, you know. Plus, the movie does not claim to be historically accurate.

Continuity mistake: Five white teenage girls burst in on Hercules & Phil & run toward the camera. In the following shot, the girl in blue has changed into a black girl.

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Hercules: Aren't you...a damsel in distress?
Meg: I'm a damsel. I'm in distress. I can handle this. Have a nice day.

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Trivia: As already noted, Hercules wears a lionskin which is made out of Scar. In the myths of Hercules one of his great tasks was to kill a vicious lions and he kept the skin ever since. But it's more than just a joke or a cameo that he wears Scar, for both Scar and Hercules were animated by the same man (Andreas Deja).

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Question: What happens to Pain and Panic after Hades is punched into the River Styx by Hercules?

Answer: They went on with their lives without Hades' abuse.


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