The Haunting

Visible crew/equipment: As Nell turns around to see all the lights in the house turning on, we see in the background, the rest of the group trying to save Luke, but at the very beginning of the shot, you see a blue light quickly flicker behind Nell, that couldn't have been the cars lights, which only means that was the crew's lights.

Other mistake: As this is complicated you have to look for it very carefully. As Nell first enters Hill House she hears the sound of Mrs. Dudley that we later know comes from the kitchen. She follows the sound, going through a door on the right that leads to a long hallway. What is wrong here is that by the direction of the hallway, it should be passing right through the dining room. If not it should be passing beside it, which is not possible since we see that the dining room has tall windows to the outside. The other option is that the kitchen should be before the dining room, which is also impossible, since at dinner, Theo comes from the opposite direction and both Nell and Ms. Dudley come from the kitchen, through a door on the left side of the dining room, right beside the long stairs.

Continuity mistake: In the beginning of the movie when the professor's assistant almost gets her eyes injured, Dr. Merrill has the key to open up the lock on the gate, so she can get out to go to the hospital. Later on in the movie, he says they cannot leave until the morning because he doesn't have the key. So it doesn't make sense that he had it earlier but not later.

Factual error: The original and remake are both set in America, yet the outside shot of the flat at the start of the remake is in England. It is blatantly a 1920's London council flat, probably one of those in The Borough. The original 1962 film also contained British background details. Was this intended as homage to the original?

Continuity mistake: Luke's hair changes length and style throughout the film. It starts off quite long at the back and sides over his ears then after Nell and Theo hear noises on the first night and Luke comes to the door to see what's happening its been cut, coloured and layered then when he's speaking to Liam Neeson a bit later on it's long again.

Continuity mistake: When Nell is looking at the ledger, in one shot she grabs at least one-hundred pages all together, and is about to flip them over to turn to a new page. In the next closeup she is now turning just one single page. (00:55:40)


Continuity mistake: Theo puts on a leather jacket, but in the next shot reflected in the mirror, she puts it on again. (00:18:05)

Visible crew/equipment: As Nell runs away and tries to hide in the carousel for the second time, the camera, in an above shot, passes behind a pillar. Just after that we see the reflection of a camera's tripod in one of the glasses across the room on the right side of the screen. (01:14:50)

Continuity mistake: When Nell arrives at Hill House the gate has a padlock on the outside, however when she walks up to the gate to look in, the lock is on the inside so Mr. Dudley can open it. (00:08:15 - 00:09:45)

Revealing mistake: When Luke tries to ram the gate with his car, a huge piece of spear-point wrought iron falls and impacts the roof of his vehicle. As the others rush to rescue Luke from the car, we can see the wrought-iron spear points flexing and bending, because they are made of rubber.

Charles Austin Miller

Luke: I'm not staying in this freaking house another second, so come on.

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Trivia: Ridiculously huge Jesus reference at the end. When Eleanor is blasted onto the door, her arms and legs are in the same position Jesus would've had. She is lowered down by the hands, much like Jesus would've. She also dies to save everyone else, a slightly smaller point is that you see the children 'die' and going into heaven. The bible says 'only those who are like a child are to go to heaven.'

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Question: What type of "power" does Nell have that prevents Crain from harming the child ghosts while she's in the house?

Answer: She has faith and the courage to face him without fear. After years of bring used and abused, she finally had enough. The only way to conquer your fears is to face them.

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