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Corrected entry: Nell really must have been a psychic or something. Throughout the entire movie she suddenly knows things that she couldn't have known. Such as that Crane was a mill worker and employed children. This was only a joke made the night before by the blonde guy. Then she guessed she was the great granddaughter of Crane and then she knew that Crane built the house for the children to play hide and seek in. Where did she learn all this stuff?

Correction: Firstly Nell discovers that Crane employed children in a mill because she finds the big ledger in the secret room behind the bookcase. Secondly, Nell discovers she is related to Crane because of (a) the portrait of Caroline, who looks just like her and has the same necklace (b) the scene where Nell is shown to bear resemblance to Crane's previous wife in the Carousel Room. As the film develops we see how Nell gathers her information. If you took the time to watch the film closely you would know this.


Correction: In the movie, Eleanor is said to be Hugh Crain's granddaughter. That is not possible. Both of Crain's wives were killed, and his only daughter was Abigail. Abigail had no children.

Eleanor is the granddaughter of Carolyn. Carolyn was Hugh's 2nd wife.


Corrected entry: Dr. Marrow tells everyone that the gate is locked every night by the housekeeper and her husband, when they go home for the night, and that no one can get out. There is an accident and the next scenes show Dr. Marrow with keys opening the gate. Later, when trying to escape, the gate is rammed by the car. Where is the key? The chain on the gate appears to have changed size, the links were smaller in the beginning of the movie.

Correction: Dr Marrow gave the key to his male assistant before he leaves to go to the hospital. You see him giving it to him, while saying "Use the gate key if you have to get back in".


Corrected entry: The amount of broken glass that comes out of the window is incomparably more than the actual hole.

Correction: Yes, but this is deliberately emphasised - Hugh Kane's spirit is visible in the window when Nell smashes it, and then the glass which flies out is from him, not from the actual window - remember that this is a haunted house, and Kane controls it. As this has been mentioned before, "how do we know this glass isn't a ghostly illusion? Seems all that glass was gone when everyone else gets to the room."


Corrected entry: During the movie, Theo brags about her black high heeled boots. When we see the boots, they obviously have a thin high heel. Yet in the scene where Theo and Nell find the carousel room, you get a clear shot of Theo's boots and they have a platform bottom that is solid, not a heel. Probably done for balance, but it's pretty noticeable.

Correction: She has never thin heels on her shoes and they are never flat either. The heels don't change from her chamber to the carousel room.

Corrected entry: When the older people come at the end of the movie, the part of the gate that fell on the car was gone.

Correction: The oval crest in the centre of the gate consists of 3 parts - one spiked ring pointing inside (which falls on the car and is still lying on it in the end if you take a close look), the "unspiked" double-H in the middle and another spiked ring pointing outside.

Corrected entry: When Nell opens the ledger which lists the dead children, in the first shot there are no people crossed out in the ledger. In the following closeup, there are. (00:55:25)


Correction: When she opens the ledger, you can just see the first 1 or 2 pages over her shoulder. In the following closeup she has already turned more than a few pages, where you can see the first few crossed names. This isn't necessarily a mistake, but a) a different page and b) it indicates that Hugh Crain didn't start killing the kids from the very beginning of his company.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Theo first sees her room, she runs and flips into the bed. You then see her head fall back onto the pillow. The flip should have caused her feet to hit the pillow.

Correction: She does a really strange flip, check again frame by frame.

Corrected entry: When Nell is in the Caleope room (the roundabout room) she sees the reflection of herself with the swelling belly to display pregnancy. The reflection has a ring on her right hand. Nell does not have a ring on her left hand which would correspondent with the right hand in the mirror. (01:15:20)


Correction: She doesn't have a swelling belly outside the reflection either; the ring is part of the illusion.


Corrected entry: When Nell arrives at Hill House and converses with Mr. Dudley through the gates, the oval plate in the centre of the gates had spikes all around it, facing outwards away from the house only. Later when Luke crashes the gate, an oval plate falls with spikes on - spikes which are now facing in toward the house.


Correction: When the car rams into the gate, we see the oval fall off yet we see another oval facing the opposite direction, one oval pointing towards the house, the other pointing away from the house.


Corrected entry: We see Mr Dudley take quite a while to take the chains out of the gate. Later Dr Marrow closes the gate after Mary and Todd leave and he locks the gate almost immediately. A few scenes later we see the chains totally wrapped around the gate, although he didn't have time for it.

Correction: People do tasks at different speeds. Mr. Dudley was talking to Nell and slowing pulling the chains out, yet Dr. Marrow was in a hurry to get them out to the hospital.


Corrected entry: The Nursery Room has been closed for more than a century, but there is a fairly modern telephone on a table.

Correction: Nothing indicates that it has been shut for a long time, and the reason for this modern telephone to be in there, is because this room is a replica of Nell's room, and her room has this same phone in it. So Crane obviously made sure that everything was completely identical.


Corrected entry: Theo's piece of curly hair appears and disappears from her forehead in the first evening at Hill House.

Correction: This is too brief - be more specific to when and where this happens.


Correction: Alas, he says "Just pull it out, just pull it will you." However his accent and his temper at this stage effects the clearness of this dialogue.


Corrected entry: When Nell is introduced to her room she touches some towels that are lined with the bed. In the overhead shot, they aren't. (00:14:05 - 00:14:55)

Correction: They are in the same position in both shots. Laying slightly diagonal, by the edge of the bed.


Corrected entry: After Dr Marrow tells Nell that he didn't call her, she turns around and looks at the house, and almost all the lights turn on. the problem is that with the lights all turned on, you should be able to see something inside, even the curtains, at least, whereas you only see the windows light up.

Correction: Not necessarily, plus all the curtains hanging in the window were those long white lace ones, so they wouldn't silhouette against the light.


Corrected entry: The long piece of wood laying on the painting which nell uses to whack the huge statue disappears randomly.

Correction: I watched this scene and the piece of wood is there throughout.


Corrected entry: Eleanor tells Theo, Dr Marrow and Luke that they have to leave the house, and they start running through the hallway. At some point of the race, the hallway is no longer the nursery room's but the hallway in front of Nell and Theo's room, which was on the other side of the house.

Correction: It is very clear that the shots of them running down the halls/stairs are not meant to be consecutive.


Corrected entry: When Luke rushes to Theo's room to help them as they scream, Theo turns the lights on before she opens the door. However when they move to the bathroom to open Nell's door, there's no sign of Theo's bedroom lights.

Correction: As they are running over to the bathroom doors, the shot is from behind, so no light would have been visible. In the next frontal shot, you can see in the far background that the lights are still on.


Corrected entry: The curtains of Nell's room clearly aren't long enough to be over the bed as shown at the first night.

Correction: From this shot there is no way of telling if the curtains are or are not long enough; they look plenty long enough to me, and remember, this house is haunted, and the spirit of the child in the curtain could have easily changed the curtain in length in order to be able to transport itself onto Nell's bed.


Corrected entry: While putting plastic on the window, we see some leaves outside that move away with the wind. That wouldn't be possible because the wind is coming from the opposite direction.

Correction: There's nothing which indicates what direction the wind is travelling, plus wind can travel in all directions, even circles.


Continuity mistake: When Nell arrives at Hill House, after Mr. Dudley opens the gate and she drives through, between shots the amount of brown leaves on the ground around the gates increases.


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Theo: You know what, the rest of you may hate your insomnia but I'm not sure I want a cure for mine. That's when I get all my best ideas... I'm alone, occasionally... with no distractions. My mind is racing with creative ideas and come 3am I feel like a genius.

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Trivia: When Eleanor is in her bedroom, look in the mirror: both times you see children heads or portraits.

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Question: What type of "power" does Nell have that prevents Crain from harming the child ghosts while she's in the house?

Answer: She has faith and the courage to face him without fear. After years of bring used and abused, she finally had enough. The only way to conquer your fears is to face them.

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