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Corrected entry: A crewman dressed in black is seen outside the window when Luke and Dr Marrow try to destroy the dining room's windows.

Correction: There is definitely nobody outside dressed in black. I've checked this, and there is nobody outside.


Corrected entry: When Mrs Dudley first introduces Nell to her room, they get in through a door with a statue in front of it, coming from a long hallway. Later when they come to save Nell in the room they try to open the same door, but coming from an enormous hall.

Correction: This is because they are not entering through the same door, but are using the other one which connects to the bathroom.


Correction: In one brief low shot, you can see the clouds moving very fast (due to the wind, I suspect), therefore this clarifies why the clouds change from shot to shot.


Corrected entry: When Theo, Marrow and Luke go to the Nursery room looking for Nell, the statue in the hallway follows them with its eyes.

Correction: I've looked over and over for this statue, but none move their eyes.


Corrected entry: The scene where the others really do see something supernatural for the first time, they barely react: there are hands coming out of the evil former house-owner's huge head above the haunted girl's bed. But as it is computer graphics added after the scene was shot, the others, coming to help the girl, do not even seem to notice the head.

Correction: This is a very weak 'mistake' indeed. First off the others are more interested in rescuing Nell from the bed. But as they do, they scream fearfully and look pretty frightened.


Corrected entry: Notice as Theo climbs the stairwell, boots can briefly be seen on her feet, although she's supposed to be barefoot.

Correction: This is actually wrong. I slowed the whole scene down, and she is definitely barefoot throughout. What makes it seem like she has boots on is the iron woven stairwell, which is painted black, which makes her feet seem darker in colour.


Corrected entry: Mr and Mrs Dudley couldn't take care of Hill House, mainly for its size, not to mention the budget necessary to keep it as clean as shown.

Correction: Well, it wouldn't be impossible especially due to the fact that nobody uses it much and nobody lives in. The government or some type of local council might pay the Dudleys to keep it well maintained, or they may have obtained a grant/loaned sum of money to be able to fix it up and keep it well maintained and organized. Nothing is too impossible, and as the details of the Dudleys job given in the movie are very brief, the story behind the Dudleys job taking care of the mansion will only reamin a mystery, not a mistake.


Corrected entry: The papers that Nell fills out are done with a marker, however we see her using a pencil.

Correction: There is a marker visible on the couch beside her in the overhead shot, which she could have easily used for the previous tests she has completed. She is using a pencil in this current shot as she fills the paper out, yes, but she could have decided to swap what media she was using. It is also possible that she is filling out the tests using the pencil first (especially due to the fact that they are mazes; therefore if she made a mistake she could erase it), and she might then be drawing over the pencil lines with the marker pen once she has completed the test correctly.


Corrected entry: As Nell first interacts with the child ghost in the wind-blowing curtain corridor, we first see there's something in the end of the corridor. In the shot where Nell follows the child, it isn't there anymore.

Correction: There is nothing at the end of the corridor, plus when she runs away from the curtains she doesn't go down the same corridor, she makes a right turn down another one.


Corrected entry: When Eleanor arrives at the house, and she drives her car around to the door, she gets out and is not carrying anything at all. Then when they show her inside the house she has a suitcase in her hands.

Correction: Look very carefully when she gets out of the car by the door. You can see the bag in her hand as she walks around the back of the car to the door.


Corrected entry: Nell's facial expression changes between front and side shots, when the spirits are moving her hair.

Correction: No it doesn't.


Corrected entry: When Nell is introduced to her room there is a vase with flowers on the right bed sideboard. From there on, it's no longer there.

Correction: Nell is introduced to her room in the early morning when she arrives. The next scene where we see her room occurs at night-time, giving her plenty of time to move them off the sideboard if she wanted to use the sideboard for space (to put a drink of water down, for example,) or if she decided the flowers would look better somewhere else. This mistake would be valid if they disappaered between shots, however due to the huge time-space between the scenes, anything could have happened to them.


Corrected entry: When the four of them are running away from the nursery room, the doors on both sides of the hallway start closing. Watch very closely, as one crew member is seen on the other side of one of the doors.

Correction: I've watched this scene very closely many times, looking for this crewmember - no success.


Corrected entry: The amount of spilled blood changes on the glass that Mary has on her eye.

Correction: There are only two shots of her with the glass over her eye; one where they show Nell placing the glass over it (and in this shot the glass is clean.) Then two shots later as she walks out the room crying, there is blood on the glass, which is to be expected. There is no mistake here.


Corrected entry: As Nell finds Dr Marrow's voice recorder, she presses play and hears exactly what she needed, although she never pressed the rewind button.

Correction: An unlikely convenience - not a movie mistake.


Corrected entry: When the children go call Nell in the middle of the night, neither of Nell's feet are covered. But without moving, in the next shot, Nell's left foot is covered.

Correction: Actually she does roll over and move, and there is one shot in between these shots, making it perfectly capable for the covers to slip over her foot and cover it.


Corrected entry: The ceiling is collapsing behind Nell, while Theo is just a few rooms away and doesn't hear anything.

Correction: It's established that the house controls itself, therefore it can monitor its sound it makes, making rooms soundproof; therefore others can't hear it. That's why when Theo and Nell were in the room, and Luke came along, they asked if he could hear it but he said no. The house is able to isolate all the loud bangs and noises it makes.


Corrected entry: The longer section where Nell parks her car isn't there on the painting in front of Mary when she's playing the piano.

Correction: An inaccurate painting is not a movie mistake. There could be many resons why the carport was not included in the painting, or it could be that the carport was built after the painting was completed.


Corrected entry: When Luke hits with the candelabra on Hugh Crain's painting, notice the white-like scratches were already there.

Correction: There are not any scratches on the painting beforehand. When he gets up onto the table with the candelabra, he audibly swipes the painting twice, however he is out of shot when he does this. When it cuts to a closeup afterward, there are two scratches, just like you hear.


Corrected entry: When Nell has a hallucination and sees Mrs. Crain hanging in the Greenhouse, look closely and you can see it is a make-up doll.

Correction: While they probably did use a doll or dummy, there is absolutely nothing which reveals that Mrs. Crain is a 'make-up doll.' I watched this scene, and was quite impressed by how real looking the dummy they used is.


Continuity mistake: While they're all having their first dinner at Hill House, everyone has a little red wine. The wine levels in Lili Taylor's glass go up and down between different shots. (00:24:35)

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Theo: You feel cut off from the world, but the world has missed you. Happy tossing and turning.

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Trivia: When Eleanor is in her bedroom, look in the mirror: both times you see children heads or portraits.

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Question: What type of "power" does Nell have that prevents Crain from harming the child ghosts while she's in the house?

Answer: She has faith and the courage to face him without fear. After years of bring used and abused, she finally had enough. The only way to conquer your fears is to face them.

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