The Haunting

Dr. John Montague is conducting research in the field of the supernatural, and he gets permission from Mrs. Sanderson to join her nephew, Luke, in her inherited home, Hill House, which has claimed the lives of its owners in bizarre accidents.

Dr. Markway requests several people who have had experience with the supernatural to come to help him conduct his research, but in the end, only two accompany them: Theodora, who has extra sensory perception, and Eleanor Lance, who once had an experience with a poltergeist years ago and, after taking care of her mother for years until her death, has lately been living with her sister.

But as the researches investigate into the dark legacy of Hill House, complete with doors closing by themselves and banging on the walls late in the night, Eleanor finds herself being drawn further into the haunted home -- and the house wants Eleanor to join the ghostly inhabitants inside its walls.

Continuity mistake: When Nell arrives at Hill House, after Mr. Dudley opens the gate and she drives through, between shots the amount of brown leaves on the ground around the gates increases.

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Theo: You feel cut off from the world, but the world has missed you. Happy tossing and turning.

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Trivia: When Eleanor is in her bedroom, look in the mirror: both times you see children heads or portraits.

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Question: How could Eleanor be related to Hugh Crain if all of Hugh's children died at birth?

Answer: Crain had two wives. All of his children from his first wife, Renee, died at birth and then Renee killed herself. Later we find out that Crain had a second wife, Carolyn, and they did have a child who survived. Carolyn is Eleanor's grandmother.


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