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Corrected entry: While Luke is putting plastic on the window, you can very briefly see a crewman outside.

Correction: I looked as hard as I can to find this crewmember, but all I could see were brown leaves blowing around. I'm very, very sure there's no crewman there.


Corrected entry: When the children call Nell in the middle of the night, she finds bloody footprints on the floor. When she follows the footprints with her eyes, some of them are on the wood floor, some are on the carpet. But when she actually follows them step by step, the carpet's ones are missing.

Correction: This is wrong. When Nell follows the bloody footprints with her eyes we see they go across the wooden floor, then across the carpet, and then back off of the carpet and along the wooden floor again. When she exits the room we only see a tiny part of the carpet, and you can see the bloody footprints alongside the carpet. This is because she has already passed the footprints that went across the carpet (off-camera).


Corrected entry: Nell's car isn't seen in the carport in the first overhead shot of Hill House, in the first morning.

Correction: The car is parked behind the carport wall, so we cannot see it.


Corrected entry: Strangely enough, neither Theo nor Eleanor noticed that everytime they were in the room corridor, there was smoke coming out of the floor.

Correction: Strangely enough, this is not a movie mistake, it's a character mistake.


Corrected entry: Liam Neeson can't open the compartment in the fireplace not only because of the iron, but also because he is standing on the door!

Correction: I don't really find this a mistake. Yes, he has his foot on the iron door, but he can most probably tell, just by pulling the door upward, that it is stuck and will not budge. If the iron poker was NOT stopping the door from being able to be pulled up, then Dr. Marrow would probably just move his foot off of the iron door, because there is no force holding the door down.


Corrected entry: At the scene where Eleanor is alone in the huge room, some really big rock comes out of the area where the bones are buried. When a head swings through that area later on in the movie, she says "That's not what I saw." Did that huge rock just disappear? Where could such an enormous rock go?

Correction: We're talking about a huge haunted mansion here; if spirits can float through curtains, fountains can come to life and spit out blood, and stairs can make themselves collapse, I'm sure the huge object Nell saw, can disappear. And by the way, it wasn't a huge rock. By using slow-motion, I found out that it is in fact a huge, creepy statue.


Corrected entry: When Luke goes to look for Theo, why does he leave through the doors of hell to the outside? Certainly she wouldn't be outside.

Correction: This mistake is dreadful. Luke exits the room through the doors of hell (and he probably doesn't know they're the doors of hell anyway - the girls never told him) - so please, help me out here - HOW is this a mistake. He's going to look for Theo - how would he know where she is? How do YOU know that she "certainly wouldn't be outside?"


Corrected entry: When Theo and Nell are taken into their room for the first time Theo does a front flip onto her bed, but lands facing backward.

Correction: This is what I thought at first, when I watched it normally. But if you watch in slow-motion, you can see in the wide-shot she flips and then starts to fall facing backwards. Then it cuts to a closeup of he landing on her back. It's just that she does the flip so quickly, and the angle cuts instantly, it's hard to spot.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Luke, Theo, Nell and Dr. Marrow are attempting to escape Hill House, Luke runs to borrow Nell's car in order to ram the gates. In a subsequent shot, a rather large SUV is also parked within the gates; why choose the lighter, less-powerful vehicle?

Correction: This is a character's decision - not a movie mistake.


Corrected entry: When Nell removes the glass from Marrow's hand, the glass clearly isn't big enough to be inside the skin, furthermore it wouldn't make a wound of that size.

Correction: Being glass, it could have shattered on entry, making a larger wound, but only leaving a small piece inside.

Corrected entry: When Eleanore sees the ghost in the window, she chucks a large metal box. It breaks the window and the ghost spits all the razor sharp shards of glass back at her. She is hit, but later on she is not bleeding or complaining about pain.

Correction: How do we know this isn't a ghostly illusion? Seems all that glass was gone when everyone else gets to the room.

Joshua Skains

Corrected entry: When Nell follows the footprints, outside her room, the footprints are farther apart, but before she gets to the book case, they are close together.

Correction: This would actually make sense if the person leaving the footprints was running. Footprints of someone running are farther apart than someone walking. Yet, when approaching the bookcase, one would automatically slow down, thus the footprints getting closer together.

Corrected entry: From inside the house, the windows are gothic, from the outside they look square.

Correction: There are so many different shots of windows, both inside and outside, and it's impossible to tell which correspond to which.

David Mercier

Corrected entry: Why did Theo and Dr Marrow walked away through the road in the end? The closest village is 9 miles away, and they left their cars and personal stuff in the house.

Correction: Seriously. Would you want to go back in the House after all the fun hauntings and such?

Corrected entry: The big lion head that falls from the fireplace disappears in the next shot.

Correction: It goes back up into the chimney.

Corrected entry: Nell watches Theo's car from her room window, however from the outside, we later see that that's where the main hall should be.

Correction: If you read the book, it describes the layout of the house. Hugh Crain hated normal angles and such, so he had the house built oddly. From the inside, you would be able to watch the car; but from the outside it would seem like it should be the main hall.

Corrected entry: At night when the bloody footprints go call Nell, there are only footprints going out of the room. But the children had to go in anyway.

Correction: The children are ghosts, they don't have to leave footprints if they don't want to. The only reason they leave the trail in the first place is to serve as a guide to Nell, so the footprints are only going to go one way - make a trail, as it were.


Corrected entry: When Dr Marrow goes to rescue Nell to the top of the spiral stairs, at the end of the scene, they leave the greenhouse through a door on top of the stairs. It would have been much easier for him to go rescue her from the top, while Theo and Luke talked to her as a diversion to avoid her from throwing herself off.

Correction: This is a character's decision, not a movie mistake. Anyway, Dr. Marrow did not know that the house would unscrew the bolts and untwine the wires holding the metal staircase in order to kill him, so he probably thought climbing the staircase would be easier.


Revealing mistake: Right after Nell sends Hugh to hell, Dr. Marrow and Theo come out of hiding behind a pillar. As Marrow puts his hand on the pillar, it squishes in as if it was made of foam rubber, instead of stone. (01:39:50)

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Luke: I'm not staying in this freaking house another second, so come on.

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Trivia: When Eleanor is in her bedroom, look in the mirror: both times you see children heads or portraits.

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Question: Who exactly was it that called Nell and told her to look up the ad about the insomnia program?

Answer: Another possibility is the spirits of the children. As long as Hugh Crain was inside the house, the children were trapped inside too. They could have called Nell because they needed her help in being set free.

Answer: Hugh Crain. He knew Nell was a descendent of his second wife, Carolyn.

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