Kidulthood (2006)


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Directed by: Menhaj Huda

Starring: Adam Deacon, Aml Ameen, Noel Clarke, Red Madrell

Genres: Drama

Movie Quote Quiz

Trife: She ain't a virgin.
Shaneek: How the fuck would you know?
Trife: Cause me and her fucked the day I turned you down.

Mark: I'm a fuckin' bastard.
Alisa: You're not a bastard. You're a cunt.

Alisa: It's morning sickness.
Becky: But it's not morning.

Continuity mistake: When Jay is at Trife's flat, Trife's chain goes from over his shirt to under his shirt in between shots. (00:16:00)

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Question: When they go into Sam's room, Jay tries it on with his girlfriend. What does he say to the girl... It sounds like "Sorry I did this to you, it's because you are so fat" but then after they run off, he asks her out and she says "Yeah yeah, I'm your cow" Did I mishear something? Why would you want to be with someone who just said the reason he can't get an erection is "because you are so fat"?

Answer: Unless I'm mistaken, you misheard. It is implied that they sleep together and he climaxes in a matter of seconds. He then apologises to the girl that he didn't last longer and blamed it on her "being so fit." Also, she says "I'm your girl" not "I'm your cow"

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