Kidulthood (2006)

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Continuity mistake: When Katie is listening to music in her room she takes off her jacket, then in the next shot it is back on again. (00:13:05)


Continuity mistake: When Jay is at Trife's flat, Trife's chain goes from over his shirt to under his shirt in between shots. (00:16:00)


Continuity mistake: When Trife and Jay are smoking in his flat, the window closes after the shot changes. (00:16:50)

More mistakes in Kidulthood

Trife: She ain't a virgin.
Shaneek: How the fuck would you know?
Trife: Cause me and her fucked the day I turned you down.

Mark: I'm a fuckin' bastard.
Alisa: You're not a bastard. You're a cunt.

Alisa: It's morning sickness.
Becky: But it's not morning.

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