The Omen

Continuity mistake: When the guy in the car drives and hits the lamppost you can see the right side of the car is wrecked, but when he drives away it's fine.


Continuity mistake: In the scene when Robert Thorn arrives at the US embassy after the nanny's suicide, he gets out of the car and points at the Saudi ambassador, who can be seen in the next few shots right behind him. But in the crane-shot when Robert Thorn walks up the staircase, the Saudi ambassador and his entourage can not be seen until the last moment of the shot, when the ambassador bobs his head on the left edge of the screen.

Continuity mistake: When Robert Thorn and Keith Jennings are first presented with the knives, Bugenhagen lays them out. When Robert runs out Keith folds the knife belt in half, then in half again but in the next scene when he catches up to Robert the belt is rolled up.

Continuity mistake: In the end where the policeman shoots Damien's father, you see him shoot him with a handgun, nothing wrong with that, however when the shot switches back it's the same policeman but carrying a submachine gun.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the man is dragging the manhole cover, he flicks his cigarette butt to the ground. In the shot where it leaves his hand you can see there is still white left of the cigarette. But in the next shot it's shown hitting the ground and it has magically burned right down to the filter. (00:12:15)

Continuity mistake: As Robert and the photographer are talking when they stop at the roadside coffee trailer, the camera swtiches back and forth following their dialogue. In these shots of the photographer, there is barely any snow falling behind or in front of him, compared to the shots of Robert, where snow fall is noticably heavier despite fact they are sitting right next to each other.

Continuity mistake: Right before Father Brennan receives the harpoon from above, he's banging on the doors. In the next shot when he looks up to receive the harpoon, he's at least 12-15 feet away from the doors.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Robert Thorn talks to the man with the weird face that is wheelchair-bound, near the end of the scene, you see that the man's hood is down. Right before the end of the scene, in the frontal shot of his face, the hood is up.


Continuity mistake: In the scene when Mrs. Baylock appears for the first time, Robert and Katherine kiss and hug right before Mrs. Baylock is announced. When Katherine hugs him, she first puts her right arm around his shoulders and has both of her hands on his right shoulder, but in the next shot - when you see her from behind - her right hand lies on his left shoulder.

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