The Omen

Corrected entry: Robert, Kate and Damien go to a church. Damien freaks out and scratches Kate on the forehead causing her to bleed. The next scene in the kitchen, Robert cleans her wound and she goes to bed. Next shot is of her in bed and there's no scratch on her forehead. Even if it was days later she would still have a mark where she had been cut.

Randy DeShong

Correction: Not necessarily. It was only a scratch from a fingernail, and after being cleaned, she could easily have concealed it with makeup after being cleaned.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the photographer loses his head, the hammer falls from the roof in a parabolic fall. Is physically impossible that the hammer hit the metallic banner 3 inches from the wall.

Correction: The hammer was controlled by supernatural forces, it wasn't just an accident. Therefore, physics can be manipulated to serve the Devil's purposes.

Corrected entry: During the scene when Thorn goes to find Spiletto (the burned priest) they show a wide shot of the courtyard. In the wide shot Spiletto is wearing a white robe, but when they show him closer it is brown.

Correction: There is actually another monk or someone sitting beside him in a white robe. You can see him behind the other monk who has shown Robert out to see Spiletto.

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