The Omen

Factual error: There is a reference to Meggido (aka Har Meggido aka Armageddon) as being "south of Jerusalem". Meggido is actually to the very north of Jerusalem.

Factual error: The exteriors of the US embassy in London would imply that it is seated in a Thames side position, rather than Grosvenor Square, a couple of miles inland. The London Eye and Big Ben are visible from the side of the building, which is not the case in real life.

Factual error: The town of Megiddo isn't named after Armageddon, as its says in the film. Armageddon is named after the town of Megiddo.

Factual error: The filming locations in Prague look nothing like London or Rome. The most obvious mistake is in the last scene, when overhead tram cables can be seen - Central London has no trams.

Factual error: When Thorn tries to kill Damien he takes him into a church at night. No church in London would be open at night unless a service was going on.

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Suggested correction: Supernatural forces of good and evil have a vested interest in trying to save or eliminate Damien. Throughout the Omen trilogy it is implied that they might be on hand to subtly influence the course of events. Maybe God (or one of God's agents) unlocked the church door to help Thorn. Or maybe the Devil decided to wind up Thorn by letting him get into the church, only to make things go wrong when they got inside! but you DO lead ME on to something that puzzled ME. In the first Omen film the very young Damien is taken into a church (in point of fact Guildford Cathedral). As the son of the Devil he has a great aversion to all things Christian, so he has a huge tantrum, and screams, struggles and resists going into church. In later films he can enter religious buildings without any ill effects.

Rob Halliday

Continuity mistake: When the guy in the car drives and hits the lamppost you can see the right side of the car is wrecked, but when he drives away it's fine.

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Robert Thorn: I never want to see or hear from you again.
Father Brennan: You'll see me in hell Mr. Thorn.
Father Brennan: We'll spend eternity together.

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Trivia: In Damien's bedroom, look at the wallpaper. The design looks like a bunch of sixes.

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