Revenge of the Ninja

Revenge of the Ninja (1983)


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Cathy: I just want you to teach me the way.
Cho Osaki: Well, if you wanna work out, you forgot your pants.
Cathy: Do you really think I forgot?

Chifano: Braden, you're dealing with me now. As far as you're concerned, that stuff is already paid for. It's mine. So don't try any funny stuff.
Braden: Don't fuck with the Japanese, Chifano. They can be very dangerous.
Chifano: I'll fuck with whoever I want. I don't need you. I'll make my own deals.
Braden: If you're thinking about going behind my back Chifano, you'll be making a big mistake. A very big mistake. You don't even know me yet.

Lieutenant Dire: You talk to me, you son of a bitch. Now somebody's muscling in and I want to know who the fuck it is.
Chifano: That's my bag of apples.
Lieutenant Dire: And mine.
Chifano: Bullshit! You guys celebrate downtown every time one of us gets the clap. What the fuck do you want from me, Dire?
Lieutenant Dire: I want a name. I want addresses. I've got nothing.
Chifano: Then you've got what I've got. shit.

Cho Osaki: Only a ninja can stop a ninja.

Cho Osaki: I have given up fighting. My sword is sealed forever. Here in America I will not follow the way of the ninja. No more.
Kane Osaki: Why not daddy?
Cho Osaki: Because the way killed your mother.

Continuity mistake: Just before Cho kills Braden in the final fight, they use ninja-to (swords), but then suddenly the scene jumps to the swords lying on the ground and Braden using a dagger, which Cho drives into its wielder's belly.

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Trivia: It is commonplace for Sho Kosugi films that whenever a family is to be portrayed; his two sons Shane and Kane are cast into corresponding roles.

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