American Yakuza

Audio problem: When Campanela orders Vic to clean Mr Tendo's shoes, Vic turns to the guy standing next to him and says 'Do it right away' but his lips don't match what he's saying. (01:20:10)


Audio problem: David doesn't like the Japanese song playing on the tape player, so he ejects it. When Kazuo comes back, he puts it back in, but the song doesn't start at the same place that it ended. Also, when Kazuo finds the damaged tape later, he throws it out the window, but when the van drives away, the tape is nowhere to be seen. (00:38:05)

American Yakuza mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When 'Bill Jenkins' is being surrounded by the Yakuza cars in the desert, one of the cars casts a large shadow underneath him that wasn't there in the previous shot. The grass around his feet also changes. (00:57:30)

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