American Yakuza

Plot hole: When the Yakuza are trying to do a deal with the hippy guy in the warehouse, a shootout ensues. The CCTV cameras are right there on the action, zooming in and following people. But who was there to control them, when the camera operator was involved in the shootout? (00:40:00)


Plot hole: In the warehouse shootout at the start of the film a wounded Yakuza brandishing a tommy gun with a drum magazine jumps onto the roof of a car and opens fire. He cuts down a few mafia guys and destroys alot of scenery before running out of ammo. Before he runs out of ammo there is a shot of alot of empty cartridge cases on the floor. The ends have been crimped showing that they are all blanks.

American Yakuza mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When 'Bill Jenkins' is being surrounded by the Yakuza cars in the desert, one of the cars casts a large shadow underneath him that wasn't there in the previous shot. The grass around his feet also changes. (00:57:30)

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