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Bob Munro: Welcome aboard, everybody. Before we embark, I think we should give this beauty a name. Suggestions?
Cassie Munro: The Big Turd.
Carl Munro: The Big Rolling Turd?
Bob Munro: In that spirit, we set forth.

Cassie Munro: Dad.
Bob Munro: Yeah?
Cassie Munro: I get it.
Bob Munro: What?
Cassie Munro: Sometimes if you want to succceed, you have to do what they tell you.

Earl Gornicke: So, do you have a boyfriend?
Cassie Munro: Yeah, actually, I'm engaged.
Earl Gornicke: Unlikely.

Cassie Munro: Mom, some idiot just parked this ugly RV outside our house.
Jamie Munro: What?
Cassie Munro: Oh, my God, it's your husband.

Jamie Munro: I feel like that hitchhiker in The Twilight Zone.
Cassie Munro: What do they like about us? We're not even that appealing.

Cassie Munro: Why can't we just give it Carl and maybe he'll eat it and leave.
Carl Munro: Why don't we feed him you, maybe he's on a south bitch diet.

Carl Munro: Does anybody have a vomit bag?
Jamie Munro: You sick?
Carl Munro: Big time. Cassie and Earl are making out.

Cassie Munro: My god, I am so bored. I could actually throw up from how bored I am.

Travis Gornicke: Tuesday's meatloaf, after that we're goin' to sit around and watch "Ernest Goes To Jail."
Billy Gornicke: It is Fuuuu-nny.
Bob Munro: It's a classic.

Marie Jo Gornicke: Do you wanna hear about the time Jesus saved us from a tornado?

Bob Munro: So where do you park your hat?
Travis Gornicke: Behind that wheel there, that's our bus.
Jamie Munro: Well then how do Moon, Earl and... not Earl go to school?
Marie Jo Gornicke: Home schooling.
Bob Munro: This next question may seem personal but how do you.
Travis Gornicke: Make a living? Well let's see, we got $25,000 when we turned in Mary Jo's stepfather.
Marie Jo Gornicke: In prison he's getting the help he needs.

Continuity mistake: When bike riding Bob grabs hold of the Gornicke bus ladder, his hands grip different rungs between multiple shots. (01:22:25)

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Trivia: The picture that is plastered all over the side of the RV of Irv, the salesman, is actually a picture of the director, Barry Sonnenfeld.

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Question: How did they get the RV out of the lake?

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