Other mistake: After Todd phones Bob and tells him about the rinkle-dinkle regarding Larry's request, when the Munros sing about the Rolling Turd, in the close-up, as the RV drives past the camera, the sideview mirror is deliberately turned all the way around so as not to see the crew's reflection. This also occurs when Bob asks the Trooper about the traffic jam around Mt. Watson.


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Other mistake: In the scene where Bob is trying to get reception on his pocket PC, he is on a rock and the pocket PC beeps, indicating that there is no signal. But when it goes to a closeup of the pocket PC, you can see in the top left hand corner that the signal is full.

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In the shot after Robin Williams has been sprayed to wash off the crap from the RV he is bone dry after the spraying is complete. They only show his upper body at this point but the spraying would have been over his entire body.



The picture that is plastered all over the side of the RV of Irv, the salesman, is actually a picture of the director, Barry Sonnenfeld.