Visible crew/equipment: On the highway, after the Gornickes were unsuccessful at returning the laptop, when the RV takes the exit in the rear shot the crew's location set lights are reflected on the RV's surface.


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Visible crew/equipment: When everyone is singing their own song (except Robin Williams), the last shot of this scene shows the back of the RV. As the camera pans down, you can see several cars reflected in the window, one of which is the crew's truck with the camera crane erected above it.



Visible crew/equipment: When the Gornickes and the Munros are eating outside at the RV park, you can see a crewmember reflected on the Gornicke bus.

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Visible crew/equipment: After the State Trooper stops the Munros, when Gary and Larry speak to Bob the reflector screen is clearly reflected in Larry's eyeglasses.


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Visible crew/equipment: After Bob urges Alpine not to merge, when Carl flips Todd there is a huge straight edge shadow where they stand, however, there is absolutely nothing near the seated people that would cause such a shadow - only the crew's equipment. (Even more noticeable on fullscreen DVD.)


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In the shot after Robin Williams has been sprayed to wash off the crap from the RV he is bone dry after the spraying is complete. They only show his upper body at this point but the spraying would have been over his entire body.



The picture that is plastered all over the side of the RV of Irv, the salesman, is actually a picture of the director, Barry Sonnenfeld.