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Corrected entry: The scene where John Candy gets the recently rented speed boat stuck in the gates precedes the scene where Dan Aykroyd actually chooses the boat. This is also confirmed as Buck asks his dad if he can go off on his own while the speed boat is being chosen, but in the scene when the boat is stuck only the youngest son is in the back of the car.

Correction: The scene when John Candy crashed the boat came after the scene when the boat was chosen. It is the exact opposite of the mistake quoted above.

Corrected entry: When Chet is water skiing, when he stops and is waiving to the crowd (before falling into the water), you can hear someone say "John Candy ladies and gentlemen".

Correction: I watched this scene with the subtitles on, and the commentator actually says "What a great show, what a champion."

Heather Benton

Corrected entry: When Buck is playing pool in the arcade with Ben he 'assaults' Cammie with his cue. She spins around flinging his cue across the room. The next shot she is staring him down as he is holding his cue again. (00:34:30)

Correction: Actually, it's sort of hard to miss because I almost thought the same thing, but right before she leaves, she actually hands him her cue and that's why he is shown holding another cue.

Corrected entry: After John Candy eats the old 96er and they return to the cabin he runs into the bathroom to vomit. If you look at Dan Aykroyd you can see him counting down on when the cast should go running out.

Correction: When Dan Aykroyd is counting down, it's not a cue to run but when John Candy is going to barf.

Corrected entry: When John Candy gets hit in the nose with the golf ball, there is no blood, no bruising, nothing. His nose would have been broken by the speed that ball was going yet when you see him in the rest of the movie, his eyes are not blacked, he has no swelling and doesn't even seem to have been hit.

Correction: How do you know his nose would have been broken? I've been hit in the nose by objects the size of a golf ball on my face while riding a motorcycle at 75 and more mph, and never had a broken nose or major bruising.


Corrected entry: When Roman is getting ready to leave with his family after he and Chet get into the argument, he tells Chet that he overheard him talking to "Kate and Connie's dad" in the john at their wedding, and he supposedly heard Chet call him a "crooked S.O.B." Later in the film, when Roman comes back to give Chet his check back (because he feels guilty), he says that he never heard Chet and his "brother" talking that night. Brother, not father as he said earlier in the film.

Correction: This is a character mistake. Roman acknowledges that he made up the entire story about Chet and the "Dad". When he admits his lie, he simply wasn't remembering his own lie and said "brother" instead.

Professor Zed

Corrected entry: When John Candy is telling his bear story, he first says he pointed the rifle at the bear then he says he pointed the shotgun.

Correction: Character mistake.

Revealing mistake: When they get back from Bunyans and the garbage is on the floor, Chet runs to the bathroom. The family and Roman follow him, you see Dan do a 3 count for everyone to run back In screaming, the blocking of that shot included a gap that you could see them off camera right.

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Chet: Bear... bear... Big Bear... big bear chase meeeeeeee....

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Trivia: When Roman is proposing his investment deal to Chet there's "instant wood fire starter" on the mantle behind Chet. The scene before this, where they had the blowout, Chet was trying and failing to make a fire using wrinkled up newspaper.


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Question: What song is playing in the ending credits?

Answer: "Land of a Thousand Dances" performed by Wilson Pickett.


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