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Corrected entry: Even though Stephanie and probably a few of the Pink Ladies and T-Birds thought Michael was dead, none of them seem to have contacted the Police about the death or at least the disappearance of him; they didn't know it was Michael but surely they'd have had the Police check out the scene for the mystery biker?

Correction: You're a teenager, maybe partially 'involved' in the 'possible' death of who you think is a total stranger. Would you report it? What would you report? Would the main protagonists want you to given the cliquey nature of the T-Birds/Pink Ladies?

Corrected entry: What was the point of making Michael a T-Bird on the last day of school? If they're "T-Bird chicks, at least till grad," then the next day Stephanie would have been free to date non T-Birds anyway.

Correction: It was not for Stephanie's benefit. It was the T-Birds' way of approving of Michael and letting him know he fits in.

Vernon Gilmore

Corrected entry: Nogerelli says to himself that the gap past Deadman's Curve must be 100 feet wide. How on earth was Michael meant to have made a jump of 100 feet (or even a few feet less) after both being slowed down by crashing through the wooden barriers and also by not having a ramp and therefore no upwards boost? He would have plummeted to the bottom.

Correction: If you listen during the scene, you can hear he was actually accelerating while crashing through the barriers and when Davy ran to the edge of the gap you can see a slight hump which would have acted like a ramp. Besides, in the movie's universe, Michael jumped a cop car without a ramp, so we're led to believe he can randomly lift his bike at fast speeds.

Corrected entry: In gym class when the T-Birds are pushing the tackling sled toward Coach Calhoun, the push it into him so that he loses his balance and falls down. But no part of his body is actually touching the sled.

Correction: Yes there is. He's standing on it.


Corrected entry: During "Reproduction," when the teacher asks if there are any question, Johnny takes out a Playboy magazine and asks, "Yeah, I was wondering if you could tell me where she lives?" Goose follows by saying, "Hey, what is this?" but he appears to be pointing at her bare bottom, and I presume he already knows what that is.

Correction: There's nothing really to indicate a mistake here. It's readily apparent he's not asking what "this" is seriously. He's saying it to draw attention to the woman in the magazine. Alternatively, he could be asking what the magazine is, if he wasn't aware of Playboy. Yes, some people don't know what it is, especially when it was first published in the 50s.


Corrected entry: After the big chase outside the bowling alley, how does Michael get close enough to light Stephanie's cigarette without her seeing that he's riding a motorcycle?

Correction: Michael must roll the bike over quietly; we know that the engine must be off because he starts it up again after saying, "Some other time", and speeds away from the police. Also, it is dark and he is wearing black, which would have made it even harder for her to notice when she was engaged in conversation.

Corrected entry: How can everybody hear the T-Birds & Pink Ladies during the song at the bowling alley.

Correction: The movie is a musical and the bowling alley scene is a production number. Why wouldn't everyone be able to hear the people singing?

Also, if you're going to question that, then why not also question why all the other bowlers join in?

Corrected entry: When Michael is helping Stephanie rewrite her essay, she writes that Hamlet was upset because he caught his mother and uncle "doing it in the sack". Hamlet was upset that they got married, but he never actually walked in on them.

Correction: Character mistake, not a movie mistake. Stephanie obviously hasn't fully read or understood Hamlet.


Corrected entry: During Michael's 'Charade' song, when he's sat in his uncle's fall out shelter, he draws hearts, you can actually see the pencil marks he's supposed to trace... he misses completely too.

Correction: He did not miss any lines he was probably drawing on different pages and the outline could have been one from a previous page (I know when I write on paper the marking goes through the next page and makes an outline of what I just drew).

Corrected entry: When Michael is making his own motorcycle with all the spare parts, he goes out to the field to try it. Frenchy appears and watches him. Listen very carefully after Michael falls the first time. You can hear him say 'bol**cks'. They must have realised this and tried to dub it out, but you can still hear it. It also shows Maxwell Caulfield's Scottish roots - it's a fairly British swear word, not widely used in the US.


Correction: Actually Maxwell Caulfield's character Michael is also supposed to be English, as explained by Frenchie earlier in the film. He speaks with an English accent throughout the entire movie.

Corrected entry: It's bothersome that no-one is concerned about who will play the piano for the talent contest since Michael went careening over the edge on his motorcycle. In fact, since no one but Frenchy knew it was Michael in disguise as the "cool rider", it makes it even more exasperating. And, when Stephanie did her "duet" with the dead Michael did she fill in for his words? Because, you know he wasn't really there.

Correction: Frenchy wasn't there when Michael made the jump, and since the Thunderbirds never saw his body or saw him bike over the jump it can be assumed that Michael just drove his way to the talent show unnoticed. This enabled him to play the piano unnoticed. When Stephanie did the "duet" she probably just sang her part on stage with Michael's voice in her head, so the audience had the one sided song (with no music).

Correction: The T-Birds and Pink Ladies just saw a guy possibly die in a crash that they caused; they aren't thinking about the show. But if you think about it, hearing the piano being played at the talent show hints to us, the audience, that Michael survived the jump and will reappear later in the film.

Corrected entry: When the girls are rehersing for the talent show, Michael plays the piano for them, but you can hear other instruments,(like bass,etc)and there's no sign of a band.

Correction: This is the way musicals work. You can hear instruments even when they're not visible. This is common in alot of musicals, including Grease 2.

Corrected entry: After we see Michael jump over the pool and the raft the Noga relli and Stephanie were floating on, we see two bikers crash their bikes into the pool. However, in both of those instances we never see the raft during those specific scenes. As a matter of fact we don't see the raft until Stephanie gets out of the pool.

Correction: When the bikers fall into the pool, in the top left of the screen you can actually see the corner of the raft that Stephanie and Johnny were floating on.

Corrected entry: Why is there a big hole in the middle of the football field?

Correction: The hole in the field was - assumed - for repairs to or installation of the scoreboard. If you look in the background of the first part of Calhoun's drilling the T-Birds, there is a scoreboard there, but for about a second or two. The scoreboard pole was at the north edge of the field, where the Cycle Lords bugged the T-Birds.

Corrected entry: During the song "We'll Be Together" a number of characters are walking in a line. Watch Michael, the actor looks really bored, then suddenly seems to realise they're doing a real take and a huge smile appears on his face.

Correction: So he's bored. People get bored all the time, even in the movies.

Corrected entry: In the scene of "Who's that guy?" Davey Jaworski goes outside saying "where is that rat-face." And then Michael comes. Davey tries to get back inside the bowl-a-rama to Dolores but cannot. Then about 5 seconds later everyone else has came and Davey is back in and is standing above Johnny. Nobody could have come that fast and Davey seemed to get in to where the T-Birds and Pink Ladies and everyone else easily this time.

Correction: If you remember, a crowd of people followed Johnny, Goose and Louis to the door the first time. Just because we didn't see them doesn't mean they weren't still nearby when Davey got back inside.

Corrected entry: At the end where everyone is singing in their graduation gowns, when they grab their caps and throw them up, you see in the front Stephanie grab hers but it drops off her head.

Correction: This is hardly a movie mistake. It could barely pass for trivia either. Okay, so Stephanie's cap fell off - accidents happen.


Corrected entry: When everybody was dancing on the bowling alleys, wouldn't they be falling down because of how slick the lanes are?

Correction: Obviously not.


Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie in the hall everybody closes their lockers even though the locks are locked.

Correction: This is true with lockers nowadays. You can keep your lock on the locker and just close the locker and know that it's going to be locked. There is a mechanism/hatch that allows lockers to be closed even with the lock on it.

Corrected entry: In the bowling scene just after Paulette and Johnny's part in the song ("Hey Paulette, take a look over here..." etc.), he picks her up in a fireman's lift. In every other shot her pants are gold but as they run down the bowling lane towards the camera, Paulette's pants are white.

Correction: Paulette's pants look white because of the reflection of the light that is making them look white. If you look very carefully, you can see her pants are gold, not white.

Continuity mistake: After we see the twins push Crater-Face into the pool, we see them a couple of scenes later after Michael reveals himself as the mystery rider and we notice that the twins are completely dry.

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Principal Mcgee: If you play an instrument, remember, it is better to play with a group then with yourself.

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Question: In the bowling alley who are the two nuns played by?

Answer: I don't think it is ever mentioned as to who played the two nuns. I think they're just extras.

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