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Corrected entry: After we see Michael jump over the pool and the raft the Noga relli and Stephanie were floating on, we see two bikers crash their bikes into the pool. However, in both of those instances we never see the raft during those specific scenes. As a matter of fact we don't see the raft until Stephanie gets out of the pool.

Correction: When the bikers fall into the pool, in the top left of the screen you can actually see the corner of the raft that Stephanie and Johnny were floating on.

Continuity mistake: When the twins are singing about Brad for the talent show, and Michael was playing the piano (you have to listen and watch), his hands are suppose to go across the keys but he is still doing the fake up-and-down-hand-move.

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Principal Mcgee: If you play an instrument, remember, it is better to play with a group then with yourself.

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Trivia: The little pesky sister, Dolores Rebchuck, does the voice for Bobby Hill on King of the Hill.

William Bergquist
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