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Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie they pull to the side of the road and stab and shoot the not yet dead man in the trunk. In this scene Jimmy shoots him 4 times. Later, when they get to this scene in the story and show it again in slow mo, Jimmy fires the gun 6 times. (01:00:34)

Correction: Jimmy shoots the gun 3 times in each scene.


Corrected entry: When Spider insults Tommy he suddenly draws his gun and kills him, and the other people at the table quickly take cover from the gunfire. However, if you watch the other actors at the table, they all begin ducking out of the way before he even takes his gun out.

Correction: This is deliberate. They know Tommy has an explosive temper and he is likely to do something violent.


Corrected entry: There is a scene when Samuel L Jackson is killed in his bedroom. He's not wearing trousers, but after the murder there is a shot of him lying on the floor with trousers on.

Correction: He's pulling them on as he gets shot.


Corrected entry: When Henry is on his way to the hospital and not paying attention to traffic, he spots a gridlock and jams on the brakes. Tire tracks from a previous take are visible on the pavement. (01:55:10)


Correction: Those tire marks could easily belong to the car in front of Henry's which may have had to stop suddenly when the collision occurred, or any other vehicle. It's a public roadway.


Corrected entry: When Tommy shoots Stacks, there's already blood spatter on the wall.

Correction: I just watched this scene again multiple times and there is no blood spatter at all until after Tommy shoots.

ctown28 Premium member

Correction: I think they were talking about the slow motion part where you see Tommy firing down towards the camera.


Corrected entry: In the first Idlewild scene, when the truck driver goes out the door of the bar and sees the his truck has been "stolen", he comes back inside to use the pay phone. During that scene various modern cars and trucks can be passing by in the background. (00:16:20)

Correction: These cars are all moving in the background at highway speed, far too quickly to be individually identified or to take the viewer out of the scene in 1963. Since this would require slo-mo, it's not a mistake per the site rules.

Corrected entry: When Tommy blows away Stacks, he's got a silencer on the gun. However, when they show the scene in slo-mo, there's a huge bang every time Tommy shoots.

Correction: Despite their name, silencers do not completely and utterly silence the sound of a weapon being discharged. In a confined space such as Stack's apartment, the sound would still be loud though muffled. Also, the scene has been slowed down and the sound increased for dramatic effect.

Corrected entry: When Joe Pesci is getting "made" at the end, as soon as he opens the door he gets shot in the head and blood starts coming out of the hole. When you run it through in slo-mo it is a very cheesy poor special effect of a computer superimposed blood trickle.

Correction: If you need slo-mo, it doesn't count.

Corrected entry: When Jimmy is in the bar with Henry asking to go for a walk, he has a very distinctive tie on. Once outside, Jimmy asks Henry if "Morey tell his wife everything". Although they have just walked outside, Jimmy has a different tie on.

Correction: The shot where they are walking is immediately after the bar scene, but Jimmy never makes any mention of going for a walk, neither is there anything to suggest they have just left the bar. Jimmy's jacket has also changed in this scene, which means it's more likely that the scene does not take place after leaving the bar.

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Corrected entry: When Henry throws Karen off the bed after she has pointed the gun at him and he points the gun at her in one shot she has both shoes on and in the other the foot nearest the camera has no shoe then again in a split second the foot has a shoe.

Correction: I've looked through the scene and she has her shoes on the entire time including when she falls off the bed.

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Corrected entry: When Karen is sitting on top of Henry in the bed with a gun pointed to his face, the gun keeps changing colors. One second it's silver, the next it's black.

Correction: Looking from Henry's view it does look black and silver from Karen's viewpoint, the shadow seems to make it look black. From the sidepoint the shadow makes the barrel of the gun look black. While this may not be a mistake it certainly looks as if the lights have not been consistent from the different viewpoints.

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Corrected entry: When Karen goes to confront Janice about her affair with Henry, she pages Janice through the building intercom. Janice is seen crying on her couch and trying to cover her ears from the sound of Karen screaming at her. It is impossible for her to hear everything Karen is saying because she is not holding the "Listen" button on the intercom. All she would here is a buzzing sound.

Correction: That is how they used to be made. If someone buzzes your apartment, it would go right to listen and talk.

Revealing mistake: In the scene where Lorraine Bracco points a revolver at Ray Liotta's head, after Ray Liotta turns the tables and now points the gun at Lorraine Bracco as he gets up and walks away you can see Ray Liotta steps on Lorraine Bracco's hand and she opens her mouth wide like shes screaming but it must have been cut from the audio, as Ray walks off camera his expression changes to show that he knew he had accidentally stepped on his co-workers hand.

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Tommy DeVito: I'm funny how? I mean funny like I'm a clown? I amuse you? I make you laugh? I'm here to fuckin' amuse you? What do you mean, funny? Funny how? How am I funny? (00:21:15)

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Trivia: In the book Wiseguy, it is stated that even in the gangster world, discipline and order had to maintained. No one could kill anyone they wanted whenever they pleased. Dead bodies were not allowed to be haphazardly left in the streets for all to see. People who had grudges against certain individuals had to sit down with mob chiefs to get their okay to have them 'whacked'. Since Tommy killed Billy Batts and several others without permission, he sealed his own fate. There are similar cases mentioned in the book regarding loose cannons, deadbeats, and snitches and their ultimate demise. Henry put it so in the case of Stacks Edwards: "It was Jimmy who gave the order, but it was Paulie who gave Jimmy the look."

Allister Cooper, 2011
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Question: Tommy was executed for killing Billy Batts - but Jimmy and Henry tried to help cover the killing up. How come they'd didn't get punished for that?

Answer: Tommy was the only one who actively participated in Billy Batts' murder, so although Henry and Jimmy were accessories to the murder, they were probably overlooked given Tommy's reputation and because Tommy was "above" them within the hierarchy of their family. It's also implied within Henry's voiceover that Tommy was basically handed over by his family to Batts' family because Batts was a made man, ie. untouchable, and Tommy was not "made" to avoid further violence between the families and possible full-blown gang war; Jimmy and Henry's involvement was either unknown to or overlooked by Batts' people.

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