High School Musical

Audio problem: In "We're All in this Together", you can hear either Troy or Gabriella's voice singing background, not matching the others' lyrics, but their lips are moving to the same words as all the others.

Other mistake: During the musical auditions, the pairs audition doesn't start until halfway through the auditions. But the disturbing dancers were a pair audition and Ryan and Sharpay were the only pairs.

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Revealing mistake: In the cafeteria scene, when Gabriella slips in the spilled milk, her tray is not only shot up, but tilted as well. However, after the camera cuts back to Gabriella, there is a cup of "sauce" yet it doesn't slide or tip off the tray.

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Continuity mistake: In the homeroom scene, Ms. Darbus says "Mr. Bolton, I see that your phone was involved so I will see you in detention." and we see a close-up of Troy with both of his hands resting on his cell phone, with one hand ready to close the phone. The camera angle zooms out, and, instead, we see one hand resting on his lap and one hand holding the phone. (00:10:10)

Continuity mistake: When Gabriella is shown Troy on the laptop, dismissing the musical, she begins to cry. She still has wet tear streaks on her face as she looks out the window, but as "When There Was Me and You" begins, her face is dry.

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Continuity mistake: When Troy's mom tells Troy to get ready for the party, his dad gives him the basketball. In the next shot his dad is still holding the ball. (00:01:15)

Continuity mistake: When Troy and Gabriella exchange numbers, Troy uses Gabriella's phone to take a photo of himself, but he doesn't press enough, if any buttons to put his number in.

Continuity mistake: During "Stick to the Status Quo", when Martha is singing, things on the table change/move around between shots, particularly the milk carton to her right, which has two straws, then none, then one, then none, then one again. (00:40:00)

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Continuity mistake: At the start of "Stick to the Status Quo", when Zeke is singing, the nylon lunch bag opens and closes itself repeatedly, the brown paper bag is either upright or lying on the table, as well as other changes on the table that occur between shots. (00:39:30)

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Continuity mistake: When Troy sneaks backstage with the janitor's cart, he hides beside a camel. There are yellow tassels lying over the camel's sunglasses in the close-up, which are gone in the previous and following shots. (00:26:40)

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Continuity mistake: When Kelsi trips onstage, the only button on Gabriella's sweater that is buttoned up is the fourth one from the bottom, but when Gabriella runs up to the stage, the only button that is buttoned up is the third one from the bottom. (00:35:20)

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Continuity mistake: When Sharpay signs the audition sheet, while she's with Troy and Gabriella, her signature differs between the close-up and wideshot, and then again when Troy checks the sign-up sheet, while Ryan watches him. (00:12:35 - 00:17:50)

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Continuity mistake: Things on Principal Matsui's desk change position between shots, and the cup with the ruler, scissors, etc. vanishes. (00:21:05)

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Continuity mistake: In homeroom, on the first day back, there is a black pen lying on Taylor's notebook that flips itself around and also vanishes and reappears repeatedly between shots, during the cell phone menace scene. (00:10:10)

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Visible crew/equipment: When "Stick to the Status Quo" is starting, the camera pans down from the balcony past Sharpay. As it goes down, you can see the camera reflected in the balcony's glass screens.

Continuity mistake: The post-callback basketball scene's countdown clock isn't accurate. If you try counting with it, you'll notice that it reaches 0 by the time that the ball's being passed to Troy.

Continuity mistake: When everybody is exiting Ms. Darbus' classroom after the first day back, as Troy and Gabriella talk in the hallway, some of the same people are seen walking out of the classroom twice.

Continuity mistake: When the cheese fries land on Sharpay, they are all standing right beside the staircase (there are three levels of ledge at the base of the staircase), with Jason and others on the ledge by the banister. Then Sharpay screams. Next shot is of Martha standing atop her table, with the staircase and ledges visible behind them, as they all look to the right, as if Sharpay is farther off in the cafeteria. Problem is that Sharpay, Ryan, Jason, and all the others have vanished, though they all should be right beside that staircase behind Martha's table. (00:43:20)

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Visible crew/equipment: At the start of the first shot in Principal Matsui's office, when Ms. Darbus and Coach Bolton are arguing about detention, the camera's reflection is visible on the computer screen as it's tracking backwards. (00:21:05)

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Continuity mistake: When Troy is in the locker room with his teammates, Chad is handed the framed photo of Troy's father and there's a white sticker on the back of the frame. In the next shot, when Chad gives the frame to Troy, the sticker is gone. (00:58:50)

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Chad Danforth: Have you ever seen Michael Crawford on a cereal box?
Troy Bolton: Who's Michael Crawford?
Chad Danforth: Exactly my point! He was the Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. Now, my mom, she's seen that musical 27 times and she put Michael Crawford's picture in our refrigerator. Not on it, in it. So, my point is if you play basketball, you're gonna end up on a cereal box. If you sing in musicals, you're gonna end up in my mom's refrigerator.
Troy Bolton: Why would she put his picture in her refrigerator?
Chad Danforth: One of her crazy diet ideas! Look, I don't have time to understand the female mind, Troy!

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Trivia: After the credits, there is an enjoyable one minute scene with Sharpay and Zeke.

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