The Golden Child

Corrected entry: When Eddy Murphy is asked to cross the path safely without dropping the water to get to the dagger, you can see in a close up scene of the glass that he dropped some water when he stumbled.

Correction: This is not neccessarily a mistake. It could be that the little old man told him not to spill a drop so that he'd be extra cautious. He just needed to make it across with a good portion left to drink. Let's keep in mind, after Chandler proved his worth by obtaining the dagger, the old man proceeded to call him an expletive, burp in his face, and pick his nose in front of him. So it's safe to assume the old man said what he wanted to say, just to get his point across.

Corrected entry: When Eddie Murphy is on the television show looking for the missing girl, he at first says she is 14. He later refers to her as being 16.

Correction: He says "sixteen" every time. He is interrupted several times by the host of the show, making it hard to tell, but he never states her age wrong.


Corrected entry: During the last chase scene with the demon, the Demon swoops down and punches a hole in the roof of the car Eddie Murphy is in. Later when Eddie is getting out of the car, the roof is intact.

Correction: Immediately after the demon has ripped a hole in the roof of the car, Eddie Murphy stops and runs away carrying the Golden Child. In the aerial shot you can see the rip in the rear, left of the car roof.

Corrected entry: The woman convinces Chandler Jarrell to go to Tibet. He is standing outside the house talking to the "short" man (who is her father). As they are talking the "short" man starts picking his nose using his pinky (I think). Then the camera shot goes to Chandler and when it goes back to the "short" man, he is now picking his nose with his index finger.

Lori Field

Correction: Now, without being too disgusting, as the mother of young boys, I will tell you that the tendency to change fingers mid-pick happens often. This "short" man did not break continuity in the film by changing fingers, since it takes a split second to do so, and he had the time between the two shots.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: The brightly colored bird that guides Eddie Murphy is a Rosella parrot. It is native to Australia, not Tibet.

Correction: It is possible, although unlikely, that the monks imported the bird (which was originally dead) from Australia.

Visible crew/equipment: When you see the plane flying to Tibet you can clearly see the blades of the helicopter from which the shot was taken at the top of the screen. (00:49:20)

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Kee Nang: She's over 300 years old.
Chandler Jarrell: How do you manage something like that?
Kee Nang: One of her ancestors was raped by a dragon.
Chandler Jarrell: Does that happen a lot where you come from?

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Trivia: When Chandler cracks a joke and upsets the dragon lady, she throws a fit. Doctor Hong calms her down in Chinese. He is saying, 'I am sorry, I am sorry, he has no manners.' (00:19:55)

Allister Cooper, 2011
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