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Corrected entry: When the girl and guy are in the drive-through and the guy in front of them won't move up, the truck hits their car and the engine come flying out and kills the guy in the front seat. It doesn't matter how fast you're going, an engine is ALWAYS supposed to drop vertical so neither the people in the car or outside the car would get hit by it.

Correction: Not always so. Modern cars are designed that the engine drops down if impacted from the front, so the engine doesnt land on the drivers lap. However, in the film the car is hit from the rear by a another car and the force of that impact was so great that it ripped the engine off its mountings and into the rear of the Triumph Spitfire. Car design is good, but under extreme circumstances, it won't break the laws of physics. Also, this was a truck engine and the design is completely different.


Corrected entry: Check out the truck that moves from the right side of the screen to the left while the guy and girl are in the drive-thru and that squashes their car against the wall. Its the EXACT same truck from Final Destination 2 that passes the 4 teens on the highway. You'll notice the big "Drink Responsibly" slogan on the side it.

Correction: The truck in FD2 is named Hice Pale Ale and is much smaller than this one and many beer trucks promote "Drinking Responsibly".


Corrected entry: At the beginning when the girl is getting very strange feelings, look when she stops near the roller coaster and suddenly the cart goes flying next to her. 1) It's impossible for a cart like that to make such a huge gust of wind to hit her. 2) She got hit by the gust of wind on the opposite side the cart was going down the track.

Correction: That was the whole point of the scene. The same "weird" things happened when a single candle blew out and a single wind chime was blown out. It was "death" that made those things happen. So the roller coaster did not make the gust. Death did.

Corrected entry: The sign that eventually kills Ian looks like a wider version of the flags from his picture. Also, his body winds up in the same position it was in in the photo.

Correction: Congratulations for the obvious observation. That was pretty much the point for Ian's death.


Corrected entry: In the clues to each persons death we find out that Ian McKinley is supposed to be involved in Wendy's death. However, he was supposed to die before her. If his death was not intervened, then he wouldn't have been able to be the cause of Wendy's death.

Correction: His death was intervened. When the pieces of wood came crashing down, Wendy pushed him and saved him. And then it was Wendy's sister, Kevin saved her, then Julie's friend was next, then Kevin who was saved by Wendy. And then it was Wendy's turn to die. So she still could have died no matter what by anything, but Death missed her, skipped her and it went back around so it was Ian's turn to die.

Corrected entry: In the main girl's vision, half of the roller coaster malfunctions generate due to the dropping of a camera on the tracks. Since the guy that dropped it did get off the roller coaster, wouldn't the coaster not have crashed and everyone died?

Correction: Death has proven he can improvise if necessary. If Frank's camera wasn't on the coaster, then Death must have done something else to crash the coaster as planned. He still had to kill everyone that didn't leave the coaster, they don't get to survive just because Frank leaves.

Corrected entry: The tanning booths that Ashly and Ashlin die in resemble a pair of large, white coffins.

Correction: That was kind of the point of having a birds eye view of both tanning beds and then suddenly cutting away to two white coffins.

Corrected entry: When the kids get off the roller coaster and the ride starts, Wendy is dragged outside by the security guards. About 5 seconds after Wendy has been dragged out the roller coaster crashes. So basically, the roller coaster managed to climb up the huge hill and crash in the space of 10 seconds, even though it took at least 30 seconds to climb the hill during Wendy's premonition.

Correction: The door she comes out of right before the coaster crashes is an access door for staff, not the exit to the ride, so there is no way to know how long there was between the ride taking off and her coming out the door with the security guard.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Ashley and Ashlyn are at the tanning salon, it is pouring outside, yet they both are bone dry, hair and all. I don't see either of them with an umbrella. Ashlyn used a notebook to cover their heads when they were talking to Wendy at school.

Correction: What if they used their jackets to do the same thing? Added to that, we don't know exactly where they parked, so they could've parked right in front of the building, hence not needing to walk very far.

Corrected entry: Wendy says that the "hydraulics will rupture" when she's freaking out. If her vision ended after she was falling from the car then how would she know what the reason for the accident was unless she knew how roller coasters worked which is doubtful for an average high school teenager. (01:19:30)


Correction: I was eighth out of thirty six in my graduating class. GPA of 3.27; relatively average. I knew how roller coasters work.

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Corrected entry: How are Wendy's pictures, taken before her and her friends got on the rollercoaster, supposed to say how they died if death's design was for them to all die on the ride? If there were something in the pictures related to their death, aside from anything to do with the rollercoaster ride, then the actual "design" was for them to make it off the ride alive and die a different way later.

Correction: It can be stressed that the camera should have been destroyed in the crash, since it was in Kevin's pocket. With that consideration, it would make sense then that the pictures the camera had taken were reflective of the fate both it and the teenagers' should have suffered.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Ashley says that they've got CDs in the tanning salon you can see Ashlyn keeping a cream tube on the table with her right hand. In the next shot you see her continuing the same action with the left hand.

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Erin: Death is fucking complicated.

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Trivia: The gag from the first film with the John Denver song playing before someone's death returns for this film with the song "Turn Around, Look At Me" playing instead.


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Question: I saw the answer to the whole Frankie death scene, but there's still something I don't get. If Wendy and Kevin had stayed in his truck, wouldn't they have died, and messed up Death's list?


Chosen answer: They would've died, but Death "knew" they wouldn't have stayed in the car. If they had stayed, Death would change his death.

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