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Corrected entry: At the beginning of Wendy's vision, when the rollercoaster starts to leave, the camera goes on Erin and Ian. Erin is in the left seat, and Ian is in the right seat next to her. As the ride goes on, the seating remains the same. But in the scene when they both fall, Erin is in the right seat and Ian is in the left seat. (00:13:55 - 00:18:15)

Correction: Yes we see Erin on the right and Ian on the left when they fall but this is not a mistake. The roller-coaster is upside down and the camera shows them through Wendy's point of view, that's why it looks like they've switched seats, but that's not the case, they are in the correct seats.

Corrected entry: When Julie is getting dragged around by the rope by horse it jumps over a spike thing.Well, if it jumps over the spike thing how can the rope suddenly go under it?


Correction: I've just rewatched that scene, and the rope does not go under the wheeled spike thing. The rope goes over and rests on the axle.

Corrected entry: On the dvd, if you make Wendy beep again at the drive through, you save Frankie's life. But doing this creates a flaw when Ian dies, as Frankie would still be alive. Also there is no way he could have died in the minute space between Wendy's near death and Ian being cut in two.

Correction: It doesn't, seeing as when somebody's skipped, death works through the other people left in the line after that person and then, if any are left, restarts the line again.

Corrected entry: After Lewis dies and Wendy and Kevin go outside, a camera can be seen reflected when Kevin opens the car door after Wendy asks him to drive.

Correction: The reflection isn't actually of a camera, it may look like one, but it's just Wendy's reflection.

Corrected entry: In the scene at the warehouse, where Ian and Erin work, Ian is holding a nail gun. When he is lifted up on the forklift he is holding the gun pointed down, but when it cuts to a frontal shot of him, he is holding the gun pointing upwards, in front of his face.

Correction: Just as he reaches the top with the forklift the camera is looking up from his left side you can see him raise the gun up with his right hand.


Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie, when Wendy takes a picture of Julie, she is wearing a dark pink shirt. When Wendy looks at the picture from the rollercoaster, Julie is wearing a blue shirt.

Correction: In the picture on the rollercoaster, Julie is wearing a blue hoodie over her pink shirt.


Corrected entry: Erin's head striking the nail gun would not trigger a shot. It requires a simultaneous pull of the trigger plus depressing the trigger safety (as Ian did shooting at the pigeons) to fire a nail. Some guns can be converted to "bump fire", but it requires some disassembly, and Ian would not have done that because he had not eliminated all the pigeons.

Correction: All three of these movies depict "death" manipulating objects to accomplish it's plan. "Death" could have been holding the trigger in when her head hit the safety.


Corrected entry: Kevin's photo shows a shocked expression as a camera flash has gone off close to his face. However, in the scene where Wendy takes this photo, he throws his head back, making this expression after the flash has gone off, therefore after the picture was taken, resulting in a completely different picture.

Correction: The only one to see the picture is Wendy. It was a premonition that showed the picture that way to her.

Corrected entry: On the double disc thrill-ride edition, the all-new Ashlyn and Ashley scene is ridculous. No way would Ashlyn have died from an electric shock like that, it would have taken a lot more electricity, via Ashley, to kill her.

Correction: Considering the fact that the VAC was constantly rising due to the dripping water, by the time Ashlyn woke up the voltage might have reached high enough to kill both girls.

Corrected entry: Directly after Wendy has her premonition of the roller coaster crashing, we see her holding the camera out in front of her and we see the roller coaster guy waving at her to put the camera away. Watch closely and you'll notice that Wendy never actually presses the shutter button - she does in the premonition, but not in 'real' life. Later in the movie, on multiple occasions, we see this shot on the camera, (as Wendy figures out Julie was on the roller coaster) and it doesn't make sense because Wendy never took the photo.

Correction: She had the premonition as she took the picture. When we see her after the premonition she has already taken it, that's why we don't see her pressing the button.

Corrected entry: The make of camera that Wendy uses to take pictures round the amusement park is a Lumex. When she plugs it up to her PC at home to view the pictures the computer registers a Panasonic camera.


Correction: Panasonic manufacture the Lumix range of cameras. This is not a mistake. Lumix is a model of camera, not the brand. Panasonic is the brand.

mandy gasson

Corrected entry: The order of deaths in this film are wrong. The film states that the people who died in the roller-coaster accident will die in the exact order they died in the crash. However, Ian and Erin should have died after Julie and the Chinese girl, because if you think back to the crash; Wendy, Kevin, Ian and Erin were the last 4 people alive on the roller-coaster, as shown in the hanging upside-down bit of the accident. When it is time for the people to die, Erin dies before the Chinese girl.

Correction: They never said that they would die in the order they died in Wendy's vision. They were going to die in the order they were sitting on the coaster. Julie and Perry were sitting behind Ian and Erin.

Correction: It's actually wrong: the two "mystery" girls fall right after Ian and Erin in the premonition sequence.

Corrected entry: When trying to get on the rollercoaster in the beginning, Wendy and Kevin are cut off by 2 little kids. But they are asked to leave because they are not tall enough. How come death did not have a plan for them?

Correction: Because the children were never meant to get on the ride in the first place.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Wendy and Kevin are at Jason's grave site, there should be freshly turned soil due to his recent burial.

Correction: When a relative of mine died straight after the funeral the ground was put down to grass.

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Corrected entry: During Wendy's 'vision', Frankie's camcorder caused the incident, yet, afterwards, Frankie gets off.


Correction: I found this in Final Destination wikia so the credits belongs to the respective owner. Since Frankie is pulled off the coaster, many viewers are confused as to how the crash still took place, as Frankie dropping the camera seemed to trigger off the event. This is incorrect; the actual cause of the accident was the hydraulics rupturing after Lewis' harness is forced down (this took place before the premonition, so it still counts in "real life") the camera only causes the hydraulics to be damaged further, causing the ride to crash. While Kevin, Lewis and Ian are fighting after Wendy has her premonition, the hydraulics are still rupturing, so by the time the ride restarts, there was no need for Frankie's camera - the hydraulics were damaged enough by then.

Corrected entry: During Wendy's premonition, Wendy (and the audience) actually see that Ian falls off the ride before Erin does. Yet later in the film, she doesn't know which of the two died first in the premonition.

Correction: It's normal for some one to not remember all the details of a stressful situation. When she said she didn't know, it seemed she didn't remember, not that she couldn't tell.

Corrected entry: The sunbed scene is totally unrealistic. There are always emergency stop buttons inside the canopy that automatically cut the power. Secondly the 2 girls would never have got so burned that their skin would blister, in such a short period of time regardless of how much power overload there may have been.


Correction: The entire tanning business they went to was very shady. The settings of the booth were outside of the booth, so it is not unsafe to say that the emergency button was there too. UV rays are very powerful and to be exposed at such a close range at such a high power would defiantly blister the skin in about three to four minutes. The blisters on the skin and the skin popping and splitting is completely realistic.

Corrected entry: During the tanning scene, the top bulbs of Ashley's tanning bed shatter, scattering the shards all over her and the bottom of the bed. In the next few shots, just before the glass below her breaks, the broken shards have disappeared.

Correction: They haven't disappeared. Some are still there, and others have been knocked away, as Ashley squirms and wriggles around in the tanning bed.

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Corrected entry: During the tanning bed/Wendy freak-out sequence, it seems that night has fallen at Wendy's house, but it's still daylight outside the salon (an anomaly which facilitates tanning?).

Correction: Because there is a thunderstorm during this sequence, it's possible that it is darker at Wendy's house because of storm clouds.

Corrected entry: When you see the picture that Wendy took of her sister and friends, you see the Chinese girl but it shows nothing about a pole going through her.

Correction: I don't think her picture is supposed to refer to a pole. If you look at the far right edge you can see that the girls are next to the merry-go-round, and one of the white horses is coming around. The picture was hinting that Perry's death was going to be caused by a horse.

Correction: If you look at the far right of the picture, just above Perry, there is an American flag that hints at her death.

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Visible crew/equipment: In several shots during the weight room scene, a boom mic is reflected in the hanging swords.

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Erin: Death is fucking complicated.

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Trivia: The opening sequence is a foreshadow to a few of the deaths in the movie. The pinball-like game shows a picture of a woman with nails in her face (Erin), twin "electric sisters" (Ashley & Ashlyn), and daggers/swords (Lewis).


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Question: We know that Wendy's pictures on her camera are clues to everyone's deaths, but Death's plan was for them to die on the roller coaster. Also, Wendy took the photos before she got on Devil's Flight, so if everyone was supposed to die on the coaster, what's the point of the pictures?


Chosen answer: It's metioned in the filmakers' commentary that in every Final Destination movie everyone has a premonition (Of course), well it's also mentioned by the director, James Wong, that if death wants to kill them why give them the premonition in the first place? Well he believes that there is some other force out there trying to prevent death from killing these teenagers. That's where the premonitions come in including the signs therefore, Wendy's pictures are helping signs like voices or visions from other movies. It's just the whole "giving signs" thing is portrayed differently in this movie.

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