Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest mistake picture

Other mistake: The rope is wound round Jack's body and the pole at his back numerous times. When Shishka-Jack falls, the pole gets jammed between the cliffs, but the pole does not break and the rope does not tear. The rope that goes round the pole numerous times simply disappears, leaving the rope intact around only Jack's body in order for Jack to twirl and unravel as he falls.

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Other mistake: The first time the Kraken attacks the ship, he breaks it clean in 2. One of the guys is right next to the tentacle when it breaks the ship, yet he is launched up into the air. If he was next to the break he would be pulled down into the water, the only way he'd be launched would be if he were at the opposite end of the boat.

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Other mistake: When Jack and Norrington duel on the stairway of the old church (before Will joins the fun), just as Norrington grabs hold of the key with his left hand, a band-aid is visible on Norrington's thumb. (01:50:00)

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Other mistake: Whilst the crew are escaping Pelegosto, Jack climbs onto the boat and he is hit by a wave and he gets soaking wet. But if you look before he gets hit by the wave, you can see his clothes are already soaking wet, and his chief make-up has washed off before the wave hits him.

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Other mistake: When Elizabeth points to the word "Tortuga" written in flames, she is pointing the wrong way.

Other mistake: When the two pirates are rowing toward the beach, and the dog is at the front, one of them is reading the bible. From the cover it's being held the right way up, but in a very quick shot showing the actual text of the book, the text itself is upside down. (00:30:20)

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Tia Dalma: You know I demand payment.
Jack Sparrow: I brought payment. Look, an undead monkey! Top that.



There are six metal bars mounted around the circumference of the water wheel's axle. In the wheel's interior, when Jack frees himself he lands on his feet, begins to run and promptly hits his head on one of those axle bars, then falls out. Moments later, when Jack returns and runs in the wheel, he is shorter (way more than a foot) than all six spinning axle bars, which would make that previous shot impossible, however humorous it is.



The face on the small music box lid is visible when Will steals the key from Davy Jones. At Tia Dalma's, when Jack steals the ring, it lies beside a necklace whose pendant is identical to the face on Davy Jones's music box.