Ghost Rider

Continuity mistake: In the scene near the beginning when Johnny Blaze falls from his bike and raises to look at Mephistopheles, when he lowers his cane to the ground it lands to the right of his foot yet when it flips to a frontal shot the cane is in the centre of his body with no time to move the cane.

Continuity mistake: Since Johnny is unable to move while on his motorcycle, the zippers to his jacket sleeves are down, but when he reaches the train yard they are now up. Also, before the bike drives off, Johnny's feet are attached to the sides of his bike. When the rear tire starts spinning, his feet are now planted firmly on the ground but in the next scene, when the bike drives off, his feet are now back in their original position.

Continuity mistake: Before Johnny Blaze's ride over the helicopters, he drinks coffee that spills all down his neck. In the following shots, Blaze's neck is clean.


Continuity mistake: In the movie where Cage is making the jump over the semi-trucks he crashes. You'll see that he skids up against the wall and hits his head. In the next shot you see that he is laying on the ground about a foot away from the wall when his crew shows up to help him.

Continuity mistake: As he's being questioned about the graveyard, the railroad caretaker's right arm goes from up about breast height, to lowered by his side and back quickly.

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Continuity mistake: As Johny Blaze stumbles down the warehouse, his boots are on fire. When the camera pulls upward to drop right back down on his face, they are not. (00:41:40)

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Continuity mistake: When Blaze is finding out about Blackheart and having his wound sorted out, his facial expressions change completely and instantly between camera angles. (00:58:50)

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Grisselle: Have mercy.
Ghost Rider: Sorry. All out of mercy.



In the day following the Rider's first ride, Cage shows up at the street that has been burned down the center. A person very close to the beginning of that scene walks on the broken up rocks and it moves as if it were a pad or a sponge. It wasn't a rock moving because the street moves with the rock. It happens a couple of times during that scene.



The bike Johnny rides is a modern version of the one Peter Fonda (the devil in this movie) rides in Easy Rider, ironically named the "Captain America." He even says to Johnny "nice bike."