The Family Stone

Corrected entry: In final scenes of family viewing tree 1 year later: Amy is now wearing mother's black ring on right index finger and another silver ring on her right ring finger, seen when she places the ornament on the tree. When the shot moves to the embrace in the reflection of the picture, the mother's ring is now on Amy's left hand (index finger) and there is no visible silver ring on either hand.

Donna Clary

Correction: As was stated "the next shot" is a mirror image, so the rings on the previous right hand are now still on Amy's right hand. (And the silver ring COULD as well still be on her finger in the mirror image, because it is really hard to see if it is or not, due to the black and white inner picture of Amy's mother Sybil, which overlays heavily.).

Corrected entry: When Everett first arrives and goes into the kitchen, the refrigerator is a plain model with a couple of magnets. In every subsequent shot, the refrigerator now has a door water dispenser and is covered with magnets, pencil cups, etc.

Correction: Like most big families, the Stones have two refrigerators. One is in the hall next to the kitchen and one is actually in the kitchen.

Corrected entry: When Meredith gives the family the pictures of a pregnant Sybill, the matting on the pictures is a wide white mat with a flat finish. At the end of the movie , when they show the close up on the wall, the matting is now a black and glossy (as you can see the reflection of Brad and Amy hugging in it) with just a very thin strip of white around the edge.

Correction: There is plenty of time from when we first see the picture to when it is hung on the wall (a year later). There are many reasons why the matte could have changed.

Dedderbot Premium member

Corrected entry: When Everett is driving to the family home, the windshield is well, spotless, and the car is very clean looking. This helps to define Everett and Merediths's characters, the same way the sister's car is a beat up yellow car. When they have parked in the driveway however, the windshield shows the salt spray that has been cleared with the wipers.

Correction: He could have cleaned it before the drive. After 3 hours of driving in the snow cars get dirty.

James Storck

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