The Family Stone

Continuity mistake: In the bar scenes, the Dos Equis beer bottles change position pretty much after every shot. Sometimes there are three bottles in a row, then two, then three again. And when the bottle of nearly full beer gets tipped over, not only is there no spill, but no foam generated from the bottle being shaken the way it was.

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Continuity mistake: Everett's car is not one but at least three cars. The first time we see it, there are no stickers on Mer's side, but there are some on Everett's side. Later, there are stickers on Meredith's side only and later still stickers are on her side but have changed.

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Continuity mistake: When the family are looking at the wedding ring that has been put on Julie's hand, the father's glasses change from being on top of his head to on his face and then back again depending on the shot used.

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