Mission: Impossible 3

Factual error: When Tom Cruise is going to defibrillate Keri Russell to disarm the bomb in her head, no defibrillator takes 30 seconds to charge to 150 joules. Most go to 360 joules and if they are not charged in 10 seconds the batteries are depleted enough that they won't charge at all.

Factual error: The walls of the Vatican are guarded by humans not cameras.

Factual error: When Ethan hangs Davian from the plane's floor hatch, Davian's head is already all the way out of the plane with the air outside blowing at him. Yet when Ethan pulls him up we find that Davian overheard Ethan's name. With the fast wind blowing at his ears he could never hear anything but a deafening roar, making Ving Rhames voice inaudible even if he were screaming.

Factual error: In the Shanghai scene, the shot immediately following Ethan's parachute getting caught on the light post shows a tall skyscraper with a pyramid peak in the background. This tower is called Tomorrow Square, located in the Jing'An District, and is nowhere near the Pudong financial district where all action is supposed to be happening. (01:29:35)


Factual error: In the scene where Davian gets hit by a truck, there is a shot of a taxi afterwards. The Chinese characters read 'bus' rather than 'taxi'.

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Owen Davian: We've implanted an explosive charge in your head. Does that sound familiar?



Bare shoulders are forbidden in the Vatican premises, so the sexy dresses in the party would not be allowed.



The scene in which Julia brings Ethan back to life is copied almost identically from the scene in "Lost" (Director JJ Abrams' hit TV show) where Charlie is brought back to life. Incidentally, you can hear the "Lost" music played throughout the show, most noticeable when Davian is about to pick up the gun to kill Julia.