Mission: Impossible 3

Davian gets run over by a truck while fighting against Ethan after the charge was activated in Ethan's head.He Tells Julia to electracute him to deactivate the charge and she did.Then Julia (equiped with a gun Ethan gave her) shoots an armed man who came in to investigate. Then she kills John (Billy Crudup)who was working with Davian. After he fell, a suitcase opened up revealing the "Rabbit's Foot". Julia brings Ethan back to life by doing CPR and pounding his chest with her fist. She asks him why are they in China, he tells her that he works for IMF. At the agency, Brassell (Laurence Fishburne)tells him that the White House has a job for Ethan. When Ethan asks what the rabbit's foot is, Brassell will tell him if he stayed. Ethan tells him he's going on his honeymoon with Julia and they did

Dylan Coolidge

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Owen Davian: We've implanted an explosive charge in your head. Does that sound familiar?



Bare shoulders are forbidden in the Vatican premises, so the sexy dresses in the party would not be allowed.



The scene in which Julia brings Ethan back to life is copied almost identically from the scene in "Lost" (Director JJ Abrams' hit TV show) where Charlie is brought back to life. Incidentally, you can hear the "Lost" music played throughout the show, most noticeable when Davian is about to pick up the gun to kill Julia.