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Corrected entry: On the plane ride from Europe to America, some compartment is opened at the back of the plane and a man is dangled below the plane into the open sky. This is impossible because you would trigger an explosive decompression by opening a hatch/door inflight which would most likely suck everyone out onboard or cause serious injuries at the very least.

Jordan Hare

Correction: But that only depends on the altitute of the airplane. That particular type of airplane is designed for that to happen, and if they're low enough, decompression won't be an issue.

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Corrected entry: The rabbit's foot has a Biohazard label on it. Up to the stage Hunt gets hold of it the rabbit's foot has been in the hands of the Chinese authorities, and it was created in China. Why is the sign written in English?

Correction: The biohazard symbol is internationally recognized. English is the most common second language in the world, you can find someone who speaks English just about anywhere. China has a huge export market in everything from textiles to toys to electronics. Having English signs and words is not unusual.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Tom Cruise gets to the apartment building in Shanghai, he gets to apartment 1406. The number 1406 is written in English, not Chinese characters.

Correction: Numbers are typically written in Arabic (Western) letters, even in China. No mistake there.


Corrected entry: During scene when Ethan is running across the bridge in Shanghai one of his harness wires is clearly visible.

Correction: In this scene mentioned above, it is not a wire, but a fishing pole of a man standing on the bridge as Ethan is coming up to the bridge you can see the man fishing. As Ethan runs by the man he raises the fishing pole and that's what looks like the wire.


Corrected entry: The logo for Paik Heavy Industries is visible on the side of the building which Ethan steals the Rabbit's Foot from. (Paik Heavy Industries is the name of the company which Sun's father owns in "Lost", a TV series created by J.J. Abrams.). (01:24:25)

Correction: No, the "P" shaped logo on the building is, in fact a real logo, found on the side of the Bocom Financial Towers filmed in the movie.

Corrected entry: When Ethan is watching the instructions video in the disposable camera, he's holding it 3-4 inches from his eye. But in the last clip, just before it disintegrates, he's holding it right next to his eye.

Jacob La Cour

Correction: He could moved it closer to his eye while we were seeing the video in first person. While watching a movie at 4-5 away from my pc I, occasionaly, end up being almost a feet away.

Corrected entry: When Ethan opens the case with the G36 on the bridge, you can see that the weapon is not assembled. This includes the carry handle, which is connected to the rest of the weapon by two screws. Assembling the gun without a screwdriver in far less than a minute is quite a good timing, if not impossible. (01:04:35)

Correction: Who's to say they were normal screws? Ethan is a spy with amazingly advanced equipment. I'd hardly find it unlikely that he'd have access to an alternate method of securing the carrying handle to the body of the weapon.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When climbing the wall in the Vatican, cruise takes a photo and places it in front of the camera to blind it. The camera is pointing outwards and has no bearing on where he is going. Secondly the camera would be focused for long distance placing something that close to the lens would only be a distorted image.

Correction: The camera appears to be pointing outwards, but after Tom places the photo you can see on the security monitor that the camera also sees the top of the wall, where Tom is at that point in time.

Corrected entry: In the scene on the bridge when the car is blown up by a missile and Ethan is thrown into the car, this wouldn't actually happen. If he was going to get pushed away by the blast, he would have just been sent forward, as the shock wave from the blast travels straight forwards through the air. He should have just fallen towards the camera, not sideways into the car.

Correction: Incorrect. If that missile went straight down and hit then he would go forward, but it came from the side. Because of that the shockwave was going in the opposite direction that the missile was going, therefore throwing him into the car.

Corrected entry: At the Vatican party when the Chinese IMF agent spills her drink on the villain, his translator tells her to back away in English. Later when they are leaving the translator is speaking to the agent in Chinese, and interpreting for her.

Correction: There's no mistake here. The translator's initial remarks, in English, was when he reacted to a sudden, unexpected situation (the drink spilled on his boss). He didn't have time to think much.Later, when things have calmed down and a regular, civil conversation takes place, he is showing her the courtesy of speaking in her native tongue, even if he knows she speaks English.


Corrected entry: When Ethan Hunt is running up the wall of the Vatican, climbing onto the top, and then jumping over onto the other side, in front of so many windows, how could not a single person notice him?


Correction: If your window looked out on something as uninteresting as a large wall, I doubt that you'd look out of it very often. It's the middle of the day, so residences are likely to be unoccupied and in offices people are going to be working rather than staring out of the window. Ethan's up and down very quickly, too, so the chances of anyone glancing out at precisely the right moment are pretty small.

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Corrected entry: In the final fight, Ethan hands Julia his gun. From what he tells her, it is clear that she has never really handled a gun. He probably carries a pretty powerful gun. However, when she shoots it, Julia seems experienced in that she doesn't react at all to the backlash, which is enough to knock an inexperienced handler to the ground.

Correction: (1) We don't know that she's never used a gun. She's certainly not experienced with them, which is why he gives her a quick rundown, but it cannot be said with any certainty that she's never handled one. (2) He 'probably' carries a powerful gun? This is speculation. (3) She's not stupid - most people are aware that guns have a recoil, even if they've never held one in their lives. She'd be prepared for some degree of kick.

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Corrected entry: At the beginning when Ethan's boss meets him at the 7-11 to give him a tape in a camera of the mission, he has 4-5 day hair growth on his face. However, when Ethan is playing the tape that was made only 11 hours before they met at the 7-11, he is clean shaven.

Correction: You don't know exactly how long the hair growth is. My brother in law has 'five o'clock shadow' by 11 AM, and a full beard by 10 PM if he wakens at 7 AM. He needs to shave at least twice a day to appear clean shaven. For myself, I can go 3 days before I need to shave, and need over a month to grow a wispy mustache. I could never grow a beard. People have different rates of growth for facial hair, and it's impossible to generalize exactly how long their hair would be in a set time frame.

Corrected entry: In Shanghai, when Ethan's partners are shooting baseballs to get the security guards' attention, you can hear that the Chinese that they are speaking is not the specific "Shanghai" Chinese. They are speaking rather a Hong Kong-Taiwan tone.

Correction: Hong Kong and Taiwan speak different languages with very different accents. Most Chinese speak at least two versions of Chinese, Mandarin and whatever is appropriate for their region (Cantonese for HK and Taiwanese for TW), so there's no mistake to hear residents of Shanghai speaking Mandarin Chinese.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Julia is giving Ethan CPR, she gives him 15 compressions between breaths. New CPR rules (I just had CPR training a few months back) state 30 compressions between breaths. Strange a nurse wouldn't have an update like that.

Correction: As these new rules are only a few months old, then her actions were correct at the time of the making of the film. As such, not a mistake, unless you're seriously suggesting that they should have gone back and reshot the scene purely to take the new rules into account?

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Corrected entry: In the final, celebratory scene, the lead female is in the IMF headquarters, meeting all the agents of this supposedly top secret organization, as well as being shown the location of their headquarters. Quite unlikely for a spy agency to reveal so many identities to a non-cleared person.

Correction: The moment that it became clear that she was in a relationship with Ethan, they would have run every security check under the sun on her, to ensure that she wasn't an enemy agent trying to compromise their operation or other potential security risk - had she not passed those checks, Ethan would have been instructed to ditch her long ago. Of course, ideally she'd never find out about the IMF, but given that she has (in a quite spectacular fashion), it's hardly unreasonable that they might choose to allow her to learn at least some small details about what her new husband does.

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Corrected entry: The security at the Vatican is handled completely by the Swiss guards. They communicate in German, not Italian like shown in the film. They also wear distinctive medieval costumes not black suits like in the film.

Correction: Italian is second official language of the Swiss Guard (Italian is also the main language of a certain part of the Swiss citizens), they wear the medieval uniforms only to certain occasions (mainly honour guard) and they are not the only security force in the Vatican. There is also a gendamerie, consisting of Italian citizens, in existence. (http://www.schweizergarde.org/).

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Deliberate mistake: Bare shoulders are forbidden in the Vatican premises, so the sexy dresses in the party would not be allowed.

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Owen Davian: We've implanted an explosive charge in your head. Does that sound familiar?

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Trivia: When Ethan answers the phone at the party and receives the call about a free trip to Mexico, the voice on the other line is that of the film's director, J.J. Abrams.

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Question: When the IMF-team fake the DHL-van breaking down, some drivers from other cars join in on the shouting that ensues. Ethan looks at a man shouting something, and he responds by raising his arm at the man with his handpalm up. What exactly does it mean in Italy when you make that kind of gesture?

Answer: Pretty much what it looks like, enraged annoyance.

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