Derailed (2005)

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Corrected entry: Charles could not have made a $100,000 withdrawal because earlier he said he didn't have that much money. Could he have really saved up that much money in just a couple of years for his daughter's medical expenses?

Correction: They both worked and saved for seven years, according to Charles and his wife's argument where he confesses to the money being gone. Also, they earlier discuss that the reason he works in the city is to save and not try to save from two teacher's salaries. That is after she believes he was mugged in the awful city and rethinks him working there. Also, he embezzled from his employer to make up the difference and that $10,000 is discovered missing at the end of the movie and why he is doing community service.

Corrected entry: Charles takes out $100,000 from his bank account. A "front of the house" teller would not have $100,000 in their drawer, nor would that much money be given to someone right in the middle of the lobby. Large withdrawals like that are done in a private back office with a security guard present.

Correction: I worked at a bank for four years and we never took anyone to a back room, nor did we have a security guard. We had to go to the vault to get the money, but it was given to the customer right at the teller window.

Corrected entry: After the hotel shoot-out, Charles retrieves his briefcase from the hotel safe and finds the $100,000 he gave LaRoche. However, this briefcase was actually the one in which he gave $20,000 to LaRoche - the case that contained the $100,000 was brown. (01:34:15)

Correction: LaRoche had plenty of time to put the $100,000 into this briefcase. He did make a comment about liking the briefcase after receiving the $20,000 so maybe he preferred to carry it instead of the brown one.

Corrected entry: Jennifer Aniston's character is using the name Lucinda, the name of an actual employee, where she is a temporary employee. When Charles calls her at her office, the receptionist puts Charles through to Luncinda, but Jennifer answers the phone as Lucinda. How could she have answered the real Lucinda's phone impersonating her?

Correction: She has caller ID and she sees that its Charles' number.

Corrected entry: In the bar scene, Winston orders a scotch. Very shortly after he orders - the next shot focusing on him - he has the drink in his hand, but there would not have been time for this to have been delivered to him.

Correction: After Winston orders his scotch, the drink you see him holding directly after that is his beer. He continues to talk and the scotch arrives on the table a short time later, leaving the bartender plenty of time to have delivered the drink.

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