The Legend of Zorro

Factual error: This movie takes place in 1850, but the "Confederate States" and "Confederate army" are mentioned. There was tension between "free" and "slave" states in 1850, but the American civil war was 11 years in the future.


Factual error: One of the lamps during the party scene has a light bulb.

Factual error: In the first scene, McGivens appears and demonstrates the new repeating rifle, and even mentions that it is a Henry Repeater. This brand of rifle was not invented until the late 1850s, almost a decade after the events depicted in this movie.


Factual error: Clothes hangers were first invented in 1860, 10 years after the movie takes place. A scene in the market place features those hangers.


Factual error: The locomotive pulling the train carrying the nitroglycerin has a 2-6-0 wheel arrangement. The earliest 2-6-0 was built in 1853, 3 years after the film is set, and had their leading axles mounted directly and rigidly on the frame of the locomotive, rather than on a separate pivoting truck as the engine in the film has. The engine overall more closely resembles an 1880's vintage engine than an 1840's engine.


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