The Legend of Zorro

Corrected entry: In the Mask of Zorro, the mine and the slave miners were about to be blown up by dynamite. In the Legend of Zorro, Count Armand introduces nitroglycerin, which is used to make dynamite.

Correction: This would be a mistake for the first film, since dynamite was not invented until 1867. Nitroglycerin was discovered in 1847, allowing for the concept of a secret society developing the explosive prior to "official" history. Therefore, this film gets it right.

Corrected entry: Alejandro still has Tornado, who by now is about 50 years old (in "The Mask of Zorro", Zorro says "you are getting too old for this," so Tornado may be about 20. Then about twenty years pass, and "The Legend of Zorro" takes place ten years after THAT). This almost certainly not possible. It's true that the oldest horse ever lived to be in his fifties or so, but horses RARELY live to be older than twenties or thirties. Tornado most likely would not still be alive by the time Legend of Zorro takes place.

Correction: There's no dialogue in the movie to indicate that this Tornado is the same horse. Zorro has had up to 10 years to make a new best friend (after all, if the Zorro name can be handed down from generation to generation, then why not Tornado?).

Corrected entry: Abraham Lincoln was not yet President of the United States in 1850 when California entered into statehood. Why was he present at its statehood ceremony?


Correction: There's no mention in the film of Lincoln being the president, and as a former statesman and prominent lawyer, it would not be unusual for him to be an honoured guest of the governor on such a momentous occasion.


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Joaquin: Woah! How did you learn to fight like that?!
Alejandro: Prison changes a man.



During the shoot out with McGivens's gang at the Cortez ranch, the wife of Cortez sneaks out of the trap door with her baby and peers around the side of the building. You can notice that the baby is really a doll.



The scene of Alejandro and Toronado leaning on a house wall, stark drunk, is a homage to Lee Marvin's role as Kid Shelleen in the movie "Cat Ballou".