The Legend of Zorro

Revealing mistake: During the shoot out with McGivens's gang at the Cortez ranch, the wife of Cortez sneaks out of the trap door with her baby and peers around the side of the building. You can notice that the baby is really a doll.

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Factual error: This movie takes place in 1850, but the "Confederate States" and "Confederate army" are mentioned. There was tension between "free" and "slave" states in 1850, but the American civil war was 11 years in the future.

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Factual error: In the first scene, McGivens appears and demonstrates the new repeating rifle, and even mentions that it is a Henry Repeater. This brand of rifle was not invented until the late 1850s, almost a decade after the events depicted in this movie.

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Trivia: The scene of Alejandro and Toronado leaning on a house wall, stark drunk, is a homage to Lee Marvin's role as Kid Shelleen in the movie "Cat Ballou".

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Joaquin: Woah! How did you learn to fight like that?!
Alejandro: Prison changes a man.

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Question: One of the Pinkerton agents says Elena is expendable because she compromised. What was her compromise?

Chosen answer: Compromised means that her cover was blown.


Question: Why was Alejandro referred to as "de la Vega"? This was Elena's surname and it would seem unlikely that Alejandro would have taken his wife's name rather than her taking his.

Lauren Capper

Chosen answer: If I remember correctly, he took the name from Diego de la Vega in the first film, when Diego passed the Zorro identity on to him.

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