George of the Jungle

Corrected entry: George lands in a pile of oak leaves during one scene at his house, but oak trees wouldn't be found in the jungle.

Correction: This movie is not even remotely based in fact. While it is true that you would not find oak trees in the jungle, you would not find talking apes or elephants who fetch either.


Corrected entry: When George is on the bridge saying, 'to swing or not to swing' the over-dubbing on his voice is terribly obvious.

Correction: George didn't say "To swing or not to swing", it was the narrator who said it, and then George says "Swing".

Corrected entry: When Lyle hears Ursula laugh and falls in the elephant droppings his shirt is plain blue. But, a few seconds later, when he is laying on the ground, about to get up and shoot George, his shirt is white with blue stripes.

Correction: he was wearing the blue shirt over the white with blue stripes.

Corrected entry: When Lyle falls face first into the elephant droppings, his shirt is covered in poop. The next scene (seconds later) his shirt is perfectly clean.

Correction: He was wearing a blue shirt over another one.

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