Ernest Scared Stupid

Continuity mistake: Right before Ernest falls into his trash truck you can see that it is full of a good mixture of trash, i.e. white trash bags, food containers, etc. But when the camera angle cuts and he lands in the trash, it has now changed to all cardboard boxes.

Continuity mistake: When the troll eats the shells from the Sherrif's gun, he only eats about five or six, yet he fires over twice that many.

Continuity mistake: When Ernest is in the barrel and rolling down the street Tom sees him and says "Watch out Bobby!" and puts his hands to his face but in the next shot when you see them run Ernest over his hands are down.

Continuity mistake: When Ernest is thrown into the concession booths at the party, he is covered in ice cream. When he leaves in his truck, he is not covered anymore.

Continuity mistake: When Ernest leaves there are several bikes outside of the school, yet when Old Lady Hackmore leaves, there is only one bike (the one she takes).

Continuity mistake: When Joey throws the first pizza at the two Murdock brothers there is already a pizza on the ground.

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