Ernest Scared Stupid

Ernest Scared Stupid (1991)

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Corrected entry: When Kenny and his friends enter the store on the bikes, Jimmy the employee calls Kenny "Kenny Barton" even though he knows that his last name is "Binder" in the film.

Correction: He doesn't call him by name, he yells "hey, buddy".


Corrected entry: When everyone is fighting the trolls, Kenny starts off with a water gun rifle but a few seconds later when he saves Ernest he now has a pistol.

Correction: When Kenny gets into the tree house, he drops the rifle. We then see him pull the pistol out of his pants.

Corrected entry: When Ernest first pulls up to the old lady's house there is a sign that reads "No Trespassin." When Ernest walks by the sign though it now reads "No Trespassing.", with a G on the end.

Correction: If you look closely at the two shots you'll notice they are two different signs. The first one you see is on top of a big pile of scrap metal or something that looks like scrap metal, the second is attached to a tree and also has the word "posted" above the "no tresspassing" text. So as I said they are two different signs.

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