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Corrected entry: When Kimble reaches the hospital the first time he takes a box and carries it inside, as if he is one of the delivery guys. Why does nobody notice him? Wouldn't the delivery men see that he isn't one of them? And wouldn't people notice his unkempt appearance and ask questions of him?

Correction: This is not a plot hole. The hospital is busy, with many other people walking around, and as we learn from his colleagues throughout the movie, Dr. Kimble is very smart and he would not do anything to draw attention to himself. Also, Kimble looks at the delivery truck (presumably to see if the driver sees him) before grabbing the box and entering the hospital.

Mister Ed

Corrected entry: In the scene where Dr. Richard Kimble - posing as a janitor in a prosthetics lab - prints off a list of patients with a particular type of arm prosthesis, he quickly crumples up the paper and shoves it in his pocket. In the next scene, where Kimble is shown in a telephone booth calling people from the list, the paper has magically smoothed itself out.

Correction: It's not completely smooth. He probably uncrumpled it and pressed it out against something flat. People do that all the time.

Corrected entry: When Richard Kimble is running from the U.S. Marshals, to blend in with the parade he finds a green hat in the garbage can, but notice he approaches it like he knew it was in there to begin with.

Correction: Maybe he could see it from his vantage point. He's not that far away, it's a mesh can, and it's a very visible bright green.

Corrected entry: When Kimble is looking at the apartment, the landlady and son are speaking Polish. The landlady asks her son a question and he answers "Da" which is Russian. Polish is "tak". (00:55:50)

Correction: In fact the landlady's son is speaking Polish - he says "ta" which is the ordinary form of "tak". The English parallel would be "yeah" instead of "yes".

Corrected entry: When the car drives away at the end, with Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones in the back, the windows are clearly shut - however, just seconds before that they are clearly open, note especially when the door is closing, you can see it then!

Correction: I just watched the movie, the windows are down during the entire scene. As the car drives away the windows are still down since there are no reflections from exterior lights on them. Something that would be evident in a night scene shot on a brightly lit street.

Corrected entry: Wouldn't Kimble need a password to get into the computer database when he is getting a list for the patients with prosthetic limbs?

Gavin Jackson

Correction: The computer is up and running when he accesses it. Someone left it logged on. Dumb idea, but it happens all the time.

Corrected entry: The prosecution uses Kimble's wife's 911 call as the most compelling evidence against him, since she says, "Richard. . .he's trying to kill me." Fair enough. But the first thing she says when the 911 operator is "There's someone in my house." As in an intruder, and not her husband. Why his lawyer doesn't jump on this is beyond me, as this should provide the jury with reasonable doubt, if not outright proof of Kimble's innocence.

Correction: The prosecutor may have said that Kimble's wife didn't know it was him at first.

Corrected entry: After Harrison Ford rents the apartment, he dyes his hair dark brown/black to add to his disguise. Later on, it magically returns to its original sandy grey colour.

Correction: He's washed the dye out of his hair (remember, we see him leaving a hotel). People know what he looks like with the black hair, so there's no point in sticking with the disguise. In fact, reverting back to his original appearance might help throw people off.

Corrected entry: There's a fundamental flaw with this whole film. In the United States being innocent doesn't entitle you to escape from prison; it isn't even legal grounds for appeal. Kimble may not have murdered his wife, but he is guilty of escape from legal custody, resisting arrest (by threatening a U.S. Marshall with a gun which is a federal offense) and dozens of lesser charges.

Correction: You're right that Kimble is guilty of these things, but how does that constitute a mistake? Nothing in the movie ever indicated he wasn't guilty of them. Nobody ever said he escaped because he was entitled to, and there is no proof that he won't be charged with any of the lesser offences you mention. All the movie shows is that Tommy Lee Jones believes (and cares) that he didn't kill his wife, and that he takes Kimble's handcuffs off as soon as they get in the police car. None of that makes this a mistake.

Corrected entry: When Tommy Lee Jones goes to the one-armed man's apartment, the one-armed man enters and says "I hell to hope you are a cop" instead of "I hope to hell you are a cop."

Correction: No, he doesn't - he says "I sure as hell hope you're a cop".

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: In the St. Patrick's Day parade scene, Richard grabs a green hat from the trash can. This hat is completely different from the hat he is wearing later on that scene.

Correction: The top of the hat was flattened; he simply pushed it back out.

Corrected entry: Are we really supposed to believe that when Kimble falls over 30 feet onto the top of the (metal) elevator, he does not have even a scratch on him (let alone being dead.). He even falls directly onto his face, its just way to much to even be slightly believable.

Correction: The height from which he fell, which was actually more like 20 feet, is a very tricky height. Land wrong, and you can easily die. Land well, and it is not at all uncommon to walk away completely unharmed and unscathed. Kimble does not land on his face. His whole body absorbed the impact, making it even more believable that he was OK.

Corrected entry: When Richard is being interrogated by police and tells them about the one-armed man, he says "You find this man." Later on, when recalling that moment, he remembers it as "You find that man."

Correction: Not everybody has a photographic memory. It makes sense that when recalling such a terrible part of his life later that he would not remember it exactly. This is done very realistically.

Correction: One contributor writes: As a U.S. Marshall, I can tell you that U.S. Marshalls are fully capable of finding and apprehending any fugitive of the law. If Harrison Ford hadn't been convicted yet, the U.S. Marshalls wouldn't have anything to do with the case, but because he was a convicted murderer at the time who was now a fugitive, the U.S. Marshalls would use their full power to apprehend him.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Harrison Ford is being chased out of Cook County Hospital, he tries to get lost in the St. Patrick's day parade. He takes his tan rain coat off, having a blue shirt underneath so that he will look different. Notice that when he takes his coat off in the middle of the parade, the next shot shows him having absolutely no coat.

Correction: He dropped it on the ground - you can see it in one shot.

Continuity mistake: Kimble dyes his hair very dark to escape detection and dyed hair fades over time. For the rest of the movie his hair noticeably goes from darker shades to lighter shades and back again showing that the scenes were shot non-sequentially on different days with a fair amount of time in between.

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Richard Kimble: Do you remember what I told you in the tunnel?
Sam Gerard: Um, yeah. It was noisy, I think you said something like you didn't kill your wife.
Richard Kimble: Remember what you told me?
Sam Gerard: I remember you pointing my gun at me.
Richard Kimble: You said "I don't care."
Tracing tech: He's on the south side.
Sam Gerard: Yeah. Yeah, that's right, Richard. I don't care. I'm not trying to solve a puzzle here.
Richard Kimble: Well, I *am* trying to solve a puzzle.
Cosmo Renfro: Five seconds to location.
Richard Kimble: And I just found a *big* piece.

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Trivia: Director Andrew Davis had Harrison Ford start the film with a beard, and then shave it off, rather than using a disguise for Richard Kimble throughout the film.

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Question: Why don't the US Marshalls also go after the other escaped prisoner that was on the bus? He was the one who helped Harrison Ford escape and told him not to follow him. Why wasn't it as important that he be caught too?

Answer: He's the one whose house they storm (he gets shot).

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