The Dukes of Hazzard

Easter egg: In the special features on the DVD, there's a section on how to launch a muscle car 175 feet in four seconds, showing how they did the freeway jump without a driver in the car.

Easter egg: Widescreen DVD Unrated R1: Go To Special Features then move down to where it says Main Menu. Press Up and the "Z" on Bo's shirt will light up. Click that and you will see a short piece with someone who has Duke's tattoos.


Easter egg: Widescreen DVD Unrated R1: In Special Features, go to the second page with Burt Reynolds' picture. Move down to Main Menu and press up. His ring will highlight and you will see a short film featuring dummies as Bo & Luke.


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Campus Cop: Do you know how fast you were going?
Bo Duke: 10?
Campus Cop: 8.
Bo Duke: Isn't the speed limit 10?
Campus Cop: Yeah. It is.



As Bo and Luke are surrounded by cops, Luke says "I never get tired of hearing him say that." As the camera pans around the front of the General Lee the camera is visible reflected on the front windshield.



The director makes a cameo as a campus cop and reenacts the hilarious first scene of Super Troopers with the Duke boys in Atlanta.