The Dukes of Hazzard

Corrected entry: When the General Lee is jumping from below the highway, up onto the highway, nobody is in the car. It is more noticable when the General lands and the camera shot is from the front.

Correction: Of course someone was driving the car. However, on the special features I saw that the jump was performed with a special stunt driver so camera angle must be the reason the driver is not visible in this shot.

Corrected entry: When the police are chasing The General, they shoot the back glass of the car and it breaks. It is broken all through the race, but at the end of the movie, when Bo and Luke are with two girls in the car at a field, the back glass is undamaged.

Correction: I think it's fair to say that they could have gone and got this fixed pretty quickly. They just won the race, they were very popular there must have been someone about (even Cooter) willing to repair a window for them as a rush job.

Kayleigh Green

Corrected entry: When Bo and Luke pick up the General Lee when Cooter has finished fixing him, he is facing a wall with tools and hoses hanging on it. However Rosco opens the gate just after the Dukes get in the General, he is facing the gate.

Correction: The reason the General is not facing a wall anymore is because when they were looking at the General they were still in Cooter's workshop, but when Rosco opens the gates they have already backed out onto the dirt path to face the gate.

Kayleigh Green

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Campus Cop: Do you know how fast you were going?
Bo Duke: 10?
Campus Cop: 8.
Bo Duke: Isn't the speed limit 10?
Campus Cop: Yeah. It is.



As Bo and Luke are surrounded by cops, Luke says "I never get tired of hearing him say that." As the camera pans around the front of the General Lee the camera is visible reflected on the front windshield.



The director makes a cameo as a campus cop and reenacts the hilarious first scene of Super Troopers with the Duke boys in Atlanta.