Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2

Character mistake: After Ricky has just killed his girlfriend with the car antenna, he's challenged by a police officer. Officers would never walk right up to someone who have just committed a murder. Police would always order the suspect into a position that presents the least amount of threat and minimal chance of resistance. Grabbing the officer's gun would never had been an option.


Revealing mistake: Toward the end, after Ricky decapitates the old Mother Superior, a young nun assumes she is alive and taps her shoulder. Mother Superior's head falls off and to the floor. There is no blood whatsoever. The old woman had just been decapitated moments earlier, and there isn't even a drop of blood, not even on the white part of her nun outfit at the neck.

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Henry Bloom: I'm not one for games Ricky. I'm a professional. My time is very valuable.
Ricky Caldwell: Oh? And mine isn't?
Henry Bloom: Your time is running out son. I'm your last chance.
Ricky Caldwell: Oh yeah?
Henry Bloom: Yeah.
Ricky Caldwell: Well, what makes you think you can bullshit your way into my head? Like every other pencil-neck piece of shit.

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Trivia: The house number of the strict, God-fearing mother superior is "666" - the number of the beast.

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