Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2
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Ricky Caldwell: You're good doc, real good. But I know all the moves, I could squash you like a bug.
Henry Bloom: You don't frighten me, Ricky.
Ricky Caldwell: Not yet.

Ricky Caldwell: You tend to get paranoid when everyone around you gets dead.

Ricky Caldwell: That bastard. He left us out there to die.
Henry Bloom: That was so long ago. How could you possibly remember all that?
Ricky Caldwell: Because... I was there. You know, I don't like your attitude, Bloom.
Henry Bloom: My attitude is not the issue here, Mr. Caldwell.
Ricky Caldwell: Oh yeah, I forgot. You in a hurry, Doc? Am I wasting your valuable time?

Ricky Caldwell: It was something to see. Cops stopping Santas everywhere from here to the state line. But that didn't matter to Billy. He knew the roads, the shortcuts. He knew exactly where he was going, and nothing was going to stop him.

Henry Bloom: I'm not one for games Ricky. I'm a professional. My time is very valuable.
Ricky Caldwell: Oh? And mine isn't?
Henry Bloom: Your time is running out son. I'm your last chance.
Ricky Caldwell: Oh yeah?
Henry Bloom: Yeah.
Ricky Caldwell: Well, what makes you think you can bullshit your way into my head? Like every other pencil-neck piece of shit.

Ricky Caldwell: My old lady couldn't afford to send me to college. So I got a job. I was washing dishes, dumping trash... all that sort of shit. I think you're gonna like this next part. It sounded like some squirrel getting his nuts squeezed.

Ricky Caldwell: That's enough.
Chip: Oh, it speaks.
Ricky Caldwell: I said, that's enough.
Chip: Listen Bud... that's what she said when I fucker her brains out on the backseat of old Red here.

Henry Bloom: Tell me about Jennifer.
Ricky Caldwell: Eat shit.

Revealing mistake: Toward the end, after Ricky decapitates the old Mother Superior, a young nun assumes she is alive and taps her shoulder. Mother Superior's head falls off and to the floor. There is no blood whatsoever. The old woman had just been decapitated moments earlier, and there isn't even a drop of blood, not even on the white part of her nun outfit at the neck.

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Trivia: The house number of the strict, God-fearing mother superior is "666" - the number of the beast.

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